Corporate Trainings

Customized, Interactive and Hands-On trainings to Corporate Clients

Institute of Information Security provides customized, interactive and hands-on trainings to corporate clients. We help organizations identify, customize and deliver IT Security trainings for their dynamic corporate environment, thus ensuring maximum impact.

We have put together a panel of professionals who have worked on prestigious international projects, presented at the leading security conferences around the world, and written numerous books and articles to provide high-quality training to our corporate clients through innovative and pioneering processes.

Some of the key factors that make us the preferred learning partners for leading corporations are:

  • We focus on completely understanding your objectives for the training – what is it that you want your employees to know and be equipped with to deliver maximum value in their jobs.
  • We then completely customize trainings according to the needs of your organization.
  • We constantly update our training content, and ensure we provide the most comprehensive and cost effective training solutions.
  • Trainings are conducted by expert consultants themselves.
  • We incorporate a progressive learning methodology, which aids the comprehension of techniques and tools alike while facing newer challenges.

Over the past decade, we have done hundreds of corporate training workshops for esteemed customers such as ICICI Prudential, BNP Paribas, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., State Bank of India, FSS, Central Bank of India, Citibank, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), Reserve Bank of India, Dubai Government Ministries and Departments, Infosys, Wipro, CIBIL, and many others.

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The training was really awesome. Got to learn a lot. Wasim Sr, I literally started idolizing you. And I am really much interested in working with you on threat hunting.
Byomakesh Dash, ICICI Bank

Trainers were too knowledgeable. Never had this type of training at corporate level. I can feel confident enough to install ELK and do threat hunting because of trainers.
Sanket Savnerkar, ICICI Bank

The training was really good and happen to meet lot of issues with ELK before, but now I feel confident to write parsus,ingest logs,create dashboards and troubleshoot cross.
Abhishek Madananth, ICICI Bank

Both the trainers Wasim and Chetan are at the top of their knowledge being approachable and enthusiastic. The sessions were too productive and never felt like a 10 days training.
Jagdish Sahu, ICICI Bank

Overall it was awesome training. The approach taken by training was excellent which helps us to clear our doubts.
Mohit Kalmetkar, ICICI Bank

The training was indepth of threat hunting with the scope of ELK stack,which was well executed with hands on approach.
Alok Patidar, ICICI Bank

I am not much technical but still loved to play with logs and understand the logical thinking behind threta hunting. Very Interactive and fun loved it. Looking forward for more interactions in future.
Antara Mathur, ICICI Bank

Nice techniques and learning threat hunting. Trainers are very knowledgeable and pioneers in threat hunting. Would love to attend courses from them through NII.
Bharadwaja, ICICI Bank

Training was a real good learning experience. Many advanced concepts were explained in understandable form.
Venika Agarwal, ICICI Bank

Corporate Trainings like these are rarae to find. Our knowledge level to giant leaps considering we generally don’t get such technically rigorous trainings – Trainers are supremely knowledgeable and we could easily find our gaps interacting with them.
Arnab Biswas, ICICI Bank

The way of delivering the class with the most practicable approach is audible.Really want to continue my career in this domain after going through the excellent practical session.
Aravind Madabhushi, Intern
Learnt how to install cyber components
Gangabhavani Madala, Intern
Nice Training
Gelli Saitteja, Intern
Sri Jyothsna, Intern
Jaddu Bharati, Intern
Mandadi Shravya, Intern
Teaching and Interaction with us is very good and all doubts are cleared
Phalgun Chaturvedula, Intern
Interaction and clarifying doubts are fine.
K Phani Teja, Intern
Very interactive, explainatory
JVSR Praneet, Intern
Got special interest in learning Cyber PPM
Shaik Sony, Trainee
The course was very enlightening and relevant. It met over expectations. The trainer displayed a very high level of confidence and knowledge in the subject matter. I am sure we as a team have been able to grasp a lot of information in there two days which can be put to effective and relevant use in our area of expertise in the organization.
Shiny Varied, Director, SSNC Globeop.
The trainer has helped us in creating the awareness on OQASP and security aspects
Rajesh Singh, Associate Director, SSNC Globeop.
The course sessions held over two days was very informative and helpful.
Modhumita Ganguly, AM, SSNC Globeop.
It was very informative training and came to know the basics- intermediary level of security testing.
Aditya Deo, SA, SSNC Globeop.
The course was pretty nice. Learnt lot of good technique for prevention of security risks.
Sonet Gornes, Senior Associate, SSNC Globeop.
Training was extremely informative and will help in our security testing related assignment.
Mayuri, AM, SSNC Globeop.
Faculty has a good communication. He gave good examples for each topic & his knowledge level is very good.
Shilpalata Shetty, Sr Programmer Analyst, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Session was good
Neeta Apsingekar, Programmer Analyst, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Session is good to know how best security can be achieved from a developer’s point of view.
Mahadev Salvi, Programmer Analyst, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Faculty has kept the discussion relevant by providing real-life scenarios of security vulnerabilities. Paced the course well and covered all aspects holistically.
Mehul Mistry, Technical Architect, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Faculty is good. He has in-depth knowledge of Information Security.
Vijesh R Gandhi, Senior Software Tester, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Excellent knowledge in subject. Good communication skill. Lot of examples demonstrated.
Sarafaraz Alam, ARAMCO, Dammam
Good knowledgeable faculty.
, ARAMCO, Dammam
Excellent training towards the interesting & challenging field of security by IIS.
Avinash Nabait, Project Leader, L&T Infotech
IIS is good for over all learning related to security.
Anand, Project Leader, L&T Infotech
Very useful & enjoyable training.
Siddharth Sharma, Software Engineer, L&T Infotech
Learnt quite a few things which will be helpful. Lots to take away. Got to learn a lot about IIS through Mr Sanoop. Security is the most needful field in this “Big Data” Globe. Great to see some very good work. Appreciate!!
Abhishek Panjikar, Software Engineer Developer, L&T Infotech
Good topic on OWASP 10. Content was very good. Over all Satisfied.
Nilesh Pujari, Software Developer- IndusInd bank
It is very good session covered all OWASP top 10 points
Amit Kumar, DM- IndusInd bank
The session was very good, covered all OWASP Top 10 points
Kalpesh Sanghani, AM- IndusInd bank
It is very good experience to learn Web Security and the teacher is very Technically sound and the classes are very good.
Joseph Chacko, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank
It is very good experience to learn about Web Security and the way teacher teach us, it is very good and understanding.
Bilal Dafedure, Manager IT- IndusInd bank.
The training helped in understanding application security and its importance along with implementation of Secure Coding Practices.
Deepak Sahu, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank
The course has given me comprehensive knowledge of application security and enhance the same highly secure Web Application development.
Zujar Kanchwala, Module Lead- IndusInd Bank
Session is very good, covered all the OWASP Top 10 with proper fixes and available examples. Great training session and interesting. Challenging topics- have learned lots of new things.
Swapnil Dube, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank
Thank you for providing us the training & hands-on experience on Imperva. It was quite well done and I appreciate every one’s efforts for the same
Mohith Gupta, CDG Content and Process Mgt, Tech Mahindra
Has in–depth knowledge and is able to engage the crowd in his discussion.
Manish Tiwari, Developer, Tata Technologies
Thanks Sanoop Thomas, Had a great session indeed, Looking forward to further communication
Nikhil Bhan, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
The training was comprehensive and the trainer was well equipped with knowledge
Ravi Sharma, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Good. Training was excellent, It will help us while developing applications
Sandesh Thombre, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Web Security training is good , it added a new skill for me
Dastagir K, Siebel, Consultant, Tata Technologies Ltd.
From this web security training, we learnt so many new things really it is useful for our project. Faculty is good, explained clearly about web security related things. Compared to earlier, we have knowledge now on web security
Rammurthy, Functional Analyst, Tata Technologies Ltd.
As per training perspective, it is very much appreciated for the best training provided with real-time scenarios
Sreedhar Garaga, Functional Analyst, Tata Technologies Ltd.
The knowledge of the trainer was awesome and the way it was transferred to us was really nice and , made us more interested into security, Thanks! Sanoop was very interactive and very patient. It was very interesting session
Manoj Kumar T, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Sanoop is having sound knowledge, we would like to have more session like today
Harsh Shrivastava, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Clear, Illustrative session, was worth experiencing and learning.
Deepti Puranik, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Trainer is having good knowledge and communicated well what he wanted to
Jai Prakash Singh, Business Analyst, Tata Technologies Ltd.

Ethical Hacking Training

This course goes deep down into depths of networking, systems, web applications, actual exploitation & helps beginners to take their confident first step towards information security field.

  • 6 Weeks Comprehensive Training
  • Built by Experienced Professionals
  • Regularly update on tools, techniques in course content