Certified Web Application Security Professional (CWASP)

Comprehensive Coverage of Web Application Security

The course is focused on a comprehensive coverage of web application security. It will present security guidelines and considerations in web applications development. The participants will learn the basics of application security, how to enforce security on a web application, Basics of Threat Modeling, Threat Profiling, OWASP Top Ten Testing, Black Box Testing, and Source Code Reviews.

Objectives of the course

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the need for security
  • Understand the various security threats and countermeasures
  • Design and Develop secured web applications

Who should attend this training?

  • All web app developers, testers, designers who wish to improve their security skills
  • Developers and System Architects wishing to improve their security skills and awareness
  • Team Leaders and Project Managers
  • Security practitioners and managers
  • Auditors
  • Anyone interested in techniques for securing Web applications
  • QA analysts who want to learn the mechanics of Web applications for better testing

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Web Applications
  • Understanding Web Application Architecture
  • HTTP Protocol Basics
  • HTTP Attack Vectors
  • HTTPS vs HTTP 
  • Introduction to VAPT
  • Introduction to Application Security
  • Application Security Risks
  • Case Studies
  • Global Standards/Frameworks
    • SANS Top 25 Software Errors
    • WASC
    • NIST
    • OWASP
  • What is OWASP
  • Significant OWASP Projects
  • OWASP Top 10
  • The ‘OWASP Top 10’ for WebAppSec
    • A1 - Injection
    • A2 - Broken Authentication and Session Management
    • A3 - Sensitive Data Exposure
    • A4 - XML External Entity (XXE)
    • A5 - Broken Access Control
    • A6 - Security Misconfiguration
    • A7 - Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    • A8 - Insecure Deserialization
    • A9 - Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
    • A10 - Insufficient Logging & Monitoring
  • Countermeasures of OWASP Top 10 2017 RC2
  • CSRF
    • Understanding the vulnerability
    • Discovering the vulnerability
    • Attacking the Issue
    • Impact & Countermeasure
  • SSRF
    • Understanding the vulnerability
    • Discovering the vulnerability
    • Attacking the Issue
    • Impact & Countermeasure
  • Clickjacking
    • Understanding the vulnerability
    • Discovering the vulnerability
    • Attacking the Issue
    • Impact & Countermeasure
  • Web Application Scanners
    • Netsparker
    • Nessus
    • Acunetix
    • AppScan
    • WebInspect
    • NeXpose
  • Profiling the Scans
  • Interpreting Scanner Reports
  • Open source Tools and Testing Methodologies
    • Vega
  • API Insecurity
    • Introduction to API & API Security
    • SOAP vs REST
    • Case Studies
    • Common API Vulnerabilities
  • Core Toolset for API Testing
  • Attacks on API
  • API Assessment Approach
  • Bot Defense for API
  • How to stop API Attacks?
  • Common Mistakes in Development
  • Security Best Practices for Web Application & API Security
  • Secure SDLC
    • Threat Modelling
    • Source Code Review
    • VAPT
  • DevSecOps
    • What is DevSecOps
    • DevSecOps vs Secure SDLC
    • DevSecOps for API Security


Both the trainers explained about the topic thoroughly. The topics were covered in detail, with each of Top Ten OWASP vulnerabilities along with their mitigation explained properly. This training is really helpful for developers to develop secure web applications.
Hari Sharan
Faculty is a good trainer
Vasudha Sawant, ANB Global
Faculty is a good trainer. Thanks
Rashmi Maydeo, ANB Global
As a developer I had very less knowledge of security. This training helped me to clear my concepts.
Vikram Kene, Manager, Music Broadcast Pvt. Ltd.
The training was conducted to the point and fulfilled all the expectations.
Rohan D Kadre, Sr Team Leader, Paladion
I am very happy after learning & interacting with Mahesh. It is my best moments in training. Finally training is very good and excellent.
Amit Tiwari, PHP Programmer, Netlink
Faculty is good with his skills in explaining the content & questions. It’s awesome to be trained under him. Best of Luck.
Amol Saxena, Team Leader, Netlink
Mahesh Gavakar having great skills and assist to learn security related issues of our applications. He is corporate friendly and answer to all questionnaire.
Syed MD. Masoom, Sr. Software Engineer, Netlink
Mahesh is a good knowledgeable about security.
Chandra Vikas Sharma, Team Leader, Netlink
Faculty is very good and enthusiastic in Web Application Security Course. He has good knowledge in the subject.
Manish Kumar, Sr. Test Engineer, Netlink
Mahesh is very nice faculty, having good communication, interactive, having good examples and on spot answer.
Deepak Saxena, Project Manager, Netlink
Faculty has deep knowledge on this course and he shared his very valuable knowledge.
Devendra Baghel, Module Leader, Netlink
Faculty is very knowledgeable. Very enthusiastic in giving all the knowledge with him. It was a great learning experience from Sanoop.
Pragnesh Karia, Project Leader, Annet Technologies
Faculty is having excellent way of learning skill. Queries were handled in much better way with live examples.
Sunny Chellan, Technical Leader, Annet Technologies
Faculty is clear & confident about the topic and subject. Good command on language.
Rakesh Sharma, Junior Software Programmer, Annet Technologies
Faculty has effectively communicated the idea of web security. He gave real life illustrations which were interesting. He had an excellent level of understanding in this domain.
Raheen Babul, Software Programmer, Annet Technologies
During training the trainer have good knowledge & also relevant to all us. Trainer knows much about Web Security Topic.
Pritam A. Kasughar, Trainee Developer, Annet Technologies
Faculty is a good trainer having a good knowledge of hacking. He have good interactive skills.
Rujul Prajapati, Sr. Software Programmer, Annet Technologies
Faculty has given superior examples to clear the concepts. Excellent communication to deliver the knowledge to the attendees. Extra efforts to let people clear out the critical subject like web security in a simple way. I like the way Sanoop drove all 4 session with efficient way.
Ravindra Muthe, Project Manager, Annet Technologies
Faculty had an excellent knowledge & good presentation skills.
Vijay S. Vishwakarma, Trainee, Annet Technologies
Faculty has feed us with his excellent knowledge of web security. It was great learning experience.
Askesh Ruke, PHP Programmer, Annet Technologies
I got lot of knowledge about PHP Web Security. Faculty has clear all doubt or queries in the training session. This training will help me for my project. Faculty clear a doubt with examples.
Kalpesh Sawant, Developer, Annet Technologies
Faculty has a good communication. He gave good examples for each topic & his knowledge level is very good.
Shilpalata Shetty, Sr Programmer Analyst, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Session was good
Neeta Apsingekar, Programmer Analyst, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Session is good to know how best security can be achieved from a developer’s point of view.
Mahadev Salvi, Programmer Analyst, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Faculty has kept the discussion relevant by providing real-life scenarios of security vulnerabilities. Paced the course well and covered all aspects holistically.
Mehul Mistry, Technical Architect, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Faculty is good. He has in-depth knowledge of Information Security.
Vijesh R Gandhi, Senior Software Tester, Accelya Kala Solution Ltd.
Excellent knowledge in subject. Good communication skill. Lot of examples demonstrated.
Sarafaraz Alam, ARAMCO, Dammam
Good knowledgeable faculty.
, ARAMCO, Dammam
Faculty has explained fundamentals very well with practical examples. He has in-depth knowledge about the subject.
Sachidanand Gaikwad, DataBase Administrator, GOC technology center Pvt Ltd
Faculty has good knowledge in security in Web Application. He is an excellent trainer. Keep it up
Makarand Gharat, Operation Manager, GOC technology center pvt ltd
This is my first training session about Information Security, as I am fresher & faculty gave us some live example that happened in world, that was nice & overall it was great training session, lots of basic & new things I learn.
Siddhesh Bhogale, Trainee Soft Developer, GOC technology center pvt ltd
Sanoop is one of the best trainers I came across. The best past about his way of training is mixing theoretical stuff with common day-to-day examples for clear picture. His way of interacting with the participating audience is excellent. Very well prepared presentations & live demonstration.
Namita Madhayan, Software Developer, GOC technology center pvt ltd
Faculty has received a good insight into Security implications related to Information Security.
Shyam Gopalakrishnan, Testing Team Leader, GOC technology center pvt ltd
It is more better than my expectation.
Roshan R Mhatre, GOC technology center pvt ltd
Faculty is good and confident. Also his knowledge about security is good which makes his confidence high when teaching as well as resolving the question that were asked.
Eknath Parakhe, Software Developer, GOC technology center pvt ltd
Thank you for introducing me to Web Security & Hackers World. All OWASP concepts are theoretically & practically explained in details. OWASP top 10 concepts are now quietly sitting in my mind, to be tested in coming days. This training has increased my knowledge & confidence and certainly will help me to deliver my day to day security related abilities.
Nishant Patil, Team Leader Architecture & Security
The trainer is good at delivering and gets to the point
R. Prina, Testing Engineer, FSS
The way of taken this course was really good. He has given lots of information about the security testing.
A Harish, Testing Engineer, FSS
Best Web application Security Trainer demonstrated with hands-on exercise for Web Application Testing.
S RajaGopalan, Sr.Executive Information Security
One of the best trainer I have meet in recent time
H Prashanth, Executive –Information Security
Mr Sanoop is doing very good and challenging job, It’s very critical & risk, but he is taking very casual manner. He really performed well in Technical aspects.
Karthikeyan.T,, Software Testing Engineer
Having high knowledge in information security . He is approachable person & cleared my doubts without any hesitation
K Karthick, Technology Leader
Mr Sanoop is doing very good job & excellent in transforming knowledge making the beginner level person also to learn. Its very good training till now attended in my career. Thanks a lot Sanoop.
A Selvasenthil, Team Leader
Mr Sanoop is a good trainer. There were more examples & real time scenario explained through tools & coding. He is well knowledgeable person.
Kalyana Sundaram S, Sr Executive Information Security
Good topic on OWASP 10. Content was very good. Over all Satisfied.
Nilesh Pujari, Software Developer- IndusInd bank
It is very good session covered all OWASP top 10 points
Amit Kumar, DM- IndusInd bank
The session was very good, covered all OWASP Top 10 points
Kalpesh Sanghani, AM- IndusInd bank
It is very good experience to learn Web Security and the teacher is very Technically sound and the classes are very good.
Joseph Chacko, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank
It is very good experience to learn about Web Security and the way teacher teach us, it is very good and understanding.
Bilal Dafedure, Manager IT- IndusInd bank.
The training helped in understanding application security and its importance along with implementation of Secure Coding Practices.
Deepak Sahu, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank
The course has given me comprehensive knowledge of application security and enhance the same highly secure Web Application development.
Zujar Kanchwala, Module Lead- IndusInd Bank
Session is very good, covered all the OWASP Top 10 with proper fixes and available examples. Great training session and interesting. Challenging topics- have learned lots of new things.
Swapnil Dube, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank
Basic training is very good and useful.
A.Shankal, Software Engineer, DST Worldwide
I liked the training. I wish to have a person guiding on security on our applications in development.
Snigdha Keerthi, Sr Software Engineer, DST Worldwide
Thank you. This course is very useful.
Mohith Gupta, Software Engineer, DST Worldwide
The training is very useful.
A. Satyanarayan Reddy, Project Lead, DST Worldwide
Overall great Experience.
Yogesh Raskar, Associate (Information Security)- Principal Global Services
Most important was the Trainer, it was worth to attend this training.
Rohit Pandita, Manager- IT Infosec- UFO Moviez India Ltd
Overall Informative and extensive
Pallavi Prasad, Test Engineer, Zycus
Good Environment- clean and spacious, not crowded.
Raafa Naile, Sr. Consultant
Has in–depth knowledge and is able to engage the crowd in his discussion.
Manish Tiwari, Developer, Tata Technologies
Thanks Sanoop Thomas, Had a great session indeed, Looking forward to further communication
Nikhil Bhan, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
The training was comprehensive and the trainer was well equipped with knowledge
Ravi Sharma, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Good. Training was excellent, It will help us while developing applications
Sandesh Thombre, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Web Security training is good , it added a new skill for me
Dastagir K, Siebel, Consultant, Tata Technologies Ltd.
From this web security training, we learnt so many new things really it is useful for our project. Faculty is good, explained clearly about web security related things. Compared to earlier, we have knowledge now on web security
Rammurthy, Functional Analyst, Tata Technologies Ltd.
As per training perspective, it is very much appreciated for the best training provided with real-time scenarios
Sreedhar Garaga, Functional Analyst, Tata Technologies Ltd.
The knowledge of the trainer was awesome and the way it was transferred to us was really nice and , made us more interested into security, Thanks! Sanoop was very interactive and very patient. It was very interesting session
Manoj Kumar T, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Sanoop is having sound knowledge, we would like to have more session like today
Harsh Shrivastava, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Clear, Illustrative session, was worth experiencing and learning.
Deepti Puranik, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Trainer is having good knowledge and communicated well what he wanted to
Jai Prakash Singh, Business Analyst, Tata Technologies Ltd.

Ethical Hacking Training

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