What People Say About Us!


Clear Concept & well communicated
Poornima, Analyst, Infosys
Sujoy has a good technical expertise & whenever possible he had provided real time examples which was interesting
Ravesh Kumar, Manager, Infosys
Good Presentation skills,good to have in depth knowledge
Krunal, Infosys
Good Training session on iOS application Security
Karthikeyn, Sr. Information Security Engineer, Infosys
Learnt New Concepts in iOS security
Manjula, Information Security Manager, Infosys
I found the instructions very clear and honest about all the subjects discussed
Jaidev Dudhia, Sales Engineer
I started my new year with CISSP training with a well known expert in that area, the training provided valuable details on my journey to CISSP.
Vikas S Vedak, Information Security Consultant
It's been a knowledgeable four days for me and training point in my career.
Amit Kulkarni, Solution Architect
Don’t bother reading 1700 pages book, just spend 4 days with K K, you should be through.
Alisagar Rajkotwala, Director
One of the best workshops I have ever attended in Information Security field.. K K's phenomenal expertise in security have helped a lot.
Jayanand Aroskar, Manager - Infrastructure Services
Overall a good training we had with Sujith.
Dineshbabu Ganeshan, Senior Engineer, Infosys Ltd.
Covered basics on OS Security, Assembly Language and glance on various tools.
Shyam Sunder Neyithaleth, Info Sec Engineer, Infosys Ltd.
Training was good. Good one to get exposure for various tools on Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering.
Sheubaran N, Info Sec Engineer, Infosys Ltd.
Had given good training.
Sunder P, Analyst- Info Sec, Infosys Ltd.
A very Interesting three days training session on web application security. Chaitali as a trainer is really excellent due to her sound knowledge on domain , made all the sessions interactive and likely.
Sachin Chauhan, Team Leader, Powerweave.
Training covered all points and issues. Chaitali explained them in details as is required.
Sagar Suresh Raut, Technical Head of Products & Support, Powerweave.
It was a good session of introduction to the threats and resolutions to the threats.
Reena Thakore, Project Manager, Powerweave.
Good response to Security elements.
Jeewan Pawar, Team Lead, Powerweave.
Nice to learn new things from the trainer & got a brief idea on security.
Amballa Sripal, Software Developer, Powerweave.
A good for our web application security.
Sanjay Jare, PHP Developer, Powerweave.
Training is really good and Mahesh is very knowledgeable. We got very useful information and we will implement this knowledge in our application.
Makarand Gharat, Operation Manager, GCO
Excellent knowledge and ability to store the same. Interacting session with all queries answered with detailing.
Prasad Thakur, Team Manager, GCO
Training is very informative. Mahesh explained things very well. Material information provided by him is very useful. Will help to take security measurement in our application.
Sachidanand B Gaikwad, DBA, GCO
Training is good. Mahesh take us deep into vulnerabilities like SQL injection. Cross site scripting, Direct data object etc.
Eknath Parkhe, Software Developer, GCO
Good subject knowledge and is able to give valuable input to the attendees.
Shyam Gopalkrishnan , Test Lead, GCO
It was really great training to how I can secure my code while creating any NET APPLICATION. It’s really help to increase my knowledge in security.
Siddhesh Bhogale, Software Developer, GCO
Faculty had a good knowledge of training.
Mukesh K. Lokre, Information Security Analyst, Travelex
Faculty is very enthusiastic & motivated
Niraj Patondikar, Information Security Analyst, Travelex
Faculty is very enthusiastic & motivating. Enjoyed training with highly technical conversations.
Chinmay Dhawale, Information Security Analyst, Travelex
Practical part was good. Had a very good hands-on.
Ajinkya, Information Security Analyst, Travelex
I am very happy after learning & interacting with Mahesh. It is my best moments in training. Finally training is very good and excellent.
Amit Tiwari, PHP Programmer, Netlink
Faculty is good with his skills in explaining the content & questions. It’s awesome to be trained under him. Best of Luck.
Amol Saxena, Team Leader, Netlink
Mahesh Gavakar having great skills and assist to learn security related issues of our applications. He is corporate friendly and answer to all questionnaire.
Syed MD. Masoom, Sr. Software Engineer, Netlink
Mahesh is a good knowledgeable about security.
Chandra Vikas Sharma, Team Leader, Netlink
Faculty is very good and enthusiastic in Web Application Security Course. He has good knowledge in the subject.
Manish Kumar, Sr. Test Engineer, Netlink
Mahesh is very nice faculty, having good communication, interactive, having good examples and on spot answer.
Deepak Saxena, Project Manager, Netlink
Faculty has deep knowledge on this course and he shared his very valuable knowledge.
Devendra Baghel, Module Leader, Netlink
Faculty has a good trainers. Yes, the course met its objective.
Bhushan Jeevan Rane, Assistant Manager – SHCIL
Faculty has delivered the content clearly. He has a good subject knowledge.
Mukesh Lokre, Information Security Analyst – Travelex
Faculty has excellent knowledge on Mobile testing & has delivered it very well. Yes the course met its objective
Information Security Analyst – Travelex
Very impressive, knowledgeable, technically sound & skilled trainers.
Chinmay Dhawale, Information Security Analyst – Travelex
Faculty has good understanding of the subject & well versed with testing methodologies. Yes the course was helpful in giving an insight into mobile application test, how to get it started & tested.
Priyanka Sovasaria, Information Security Analyst – Travelex
Faculty is good & has explained the topics very well.
Shital Ranadive, Info Security Analyst – IDBI Intech Ltd
We wish to thank Ms.Rutuja and Ms.Chaitali for having taken so much efforts and pain in conducting the secure Java training for us. I have also been a teacher and hence when we come across a good teacher, we do appreciate. Some teachers just tell, some explain, some teachers demonstrate, some teachers transfer knowledge but very few teachers inspire.
Ramesh Monde, Sr Developer- Java, Saraswat Infotech Ltd
Faculty is great, knowledgeable, approachable instructor. I enjoyed & learned a lot from the course & from him. My only suggestion is to give the course structure (i:e break time & time –table) before hands.
Azam Al Fayor, Personnal Department, Aramco
Faculty is outstanding instructor who simplified this course into an interactive course.
Abdulaziz Alanmed , Aramco
Faculty is an excellent instructor.
Mujed Rasheed, Aramco
Faculty has well established his credibility by showing real cases, that demonstrated his great knowledge
Sultan Almutairi, Aramco
Faculty has explained fundamentals very well with practical examples. He has in-depth knowledge about the subject.
Sachidanand Gaikwad, DataBase Administrator, GOC technology center Pvt Ltd
Faculty has good knowledge in security in Web Application. He is an excellent trainer. Keep it up
Makarand Gharat, Operation Manager, GOC technology center pvt ltd
This is my first training session about Information Security, as I am fresher & faculty gave us some live example that happened in world, that was nice & overall it was great training session, lots of basic & new things I learn.
Siddhesh Bhogale, Trainee Soft Developer, GOC technology center pvt ltd
Sanoop is one of the best trainers I came across. The best past about his way of training is mixing theoretical stuff with common day-to-day examples for clear picture. His way of interacting with the participating audience is excellent. Very well prepared presentations & live demonstration.
Namita Madhayan, Software Developer, GOC technology center pvt ltd
Faculty has received a good insight into Security implications related to Information Security.
Shyam Gopalakrishnan, Testing Team Leader, GOC technology center pvt ltd
It is more better than my expectation.
Roshan R Mhatre, GOC technology center pvt ltd
Faculty is good and confident. Also his knowledge about security is good which makes his confidence high when teaching as well as resolving the question that were asked.
Eknath Parakhe, Software Developer, GOC technology center pvt ltd
Faculty has in-depth knowledge & experience on security vulnerabilities.
Vinay Kumar, Asst. Professor (Vasavi College Of Engineering)
Faculty is excellent.
Vaibhav Jindal, Project Manager (Bharti Axa Life)
Sanoop has demonstrated the topic pretty well and the hand’s on training was very helpful.
Abhijay Singh, Analyst (IDBI Intech)
The trainer is good at delivering and gets to the point
R. Prina, Testing Engineer, FSS
The way of taken this course was really good. He has given lots of information about the security testing.
A Harish, Testing Engineer, FSS
Best Web application Security Trainer demonstrated with hands-on exercise for Web Application Testing.
S RajaGopalan, Sr.Executive Information Security
One of the best trainer I have meet in recent time
H Prashanth, Executive –Information Security
Mr Sanoop is doing very good and challenging job, It’s very critical & risk, but he is taking very casual manner. He really performed well in Technical aspects.
Karthikeyan.T,, Software Testing Engineer
Having high knowledge in information security . He is approachable person & cleared my doubts without any hesitation
K Karthick, Technology Leader
Mr Sanoop is doing very good job & excellent in transforming knowledge making the beginner level person also to learn. Its very good training till now attended in my career. Thanks a lot Sanoop.
A Selvasenthil, Team Leader
Mr Sanoop is a good trainer. There were more examples & real time scenario explained through tools & coding. He is well knowledgeable person.
Kalyana Sundaram S, Sr Executive Information Security
Excellent training towards the interesting & challenging field of security by IIS.
Avinash Nabait, Project Leader, L&T Infotech
IIS is good for over all learning related to security.
Anand, Project Leader, L&T Infotech
Very useful & enjoyable training.
Siddharth Sharma, Software Engineer, L&T Infotech
Learnt quite a few things which will be helpful. Lots to take away. Got to learn a lot about IIS through Mr Sanoop. Security is the most needful field in this “Big Data” Globe. Great to see some very good work. Appreciate!!
Abhishek Panjikar, Software Engineer Developer, L&T Infotech
Shrawan is exceptionally qualified for the subject. He displayed good command & knowledge of Cyber Ark
Zahir Chhapra, Sr. Technical Support Engineer, Travelex
Course is presented nicely & explained with various practical example which has given in depth understanding of subject.
Sanjay Pugaonkar, Tata AIA
Concepts nicely put for understanding cruel topics. Had a good time learning.
Bijesh Kallyat, Tata AIA
It is very challenging and interesting .The way of approach to let us know more about CISSP is excellent and it makes easy to go through the preparation after this training.Now I got a confidence on few domains very well and I need to go with others .Finally its excellent!!
Up to date knowledge about the subject and providing real world scenarios during training was the key that KK demonstrates.
Amol Kotak, AVP Information Risk, HSBC
Excellent course would recommend to anyone preparing for CISSP exam or looking to learn more about Infosec.
Amol Bagayatkar, AVP IT
Has deep understanding of subject and translate well to the participant in a easy way .
Vijai Barath, Technical Lead
Superb would like to join many more trainings on different Security domains.
Manoj Sharma, Consultant
Very well conducted.
Sagar Mokal, Seniore Consultant
Good topic on OWASP 10. Content was very good. Over all Satisfied.
Nilesh Pujari, Software Developer- IndusInd bank
It is very good session covered all OWASP top 10 points
Amit Kumar, DM- IndusInd bank
The session was very good, covered all OWASP Top 10 points
Kalpesh Sanghani, AM- IndusInd bank
It is very good experience to learn Web Security and the teacher is very Technically sound and the classes are very good.
Joseph Chacko, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank
It is very good experience to learn about Web Security and the way teacher teach us, it is very good and understanding.
Bilal Dafedure, Manager IT- IndusInd bank.
The training helped in understanding application security and its importance along with implementation of Secure Coding Practices.
Deepak Sahu, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank
The course has given me comprehensive knowledge of application security and enhance the same highly secure Web Application development.
Zujar Kanchwala, Module Lead- IndusInd Bank
Session is very good, covered all the OWASP Top 10 with proper fixes and available examples. Great training session and interesting. Challenging topics- have learned lots of new things.
Swapnil Dube, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank
Faculties are well versed with the topics they discussed and well prepared too.
Vinay Vinayak Rahatekar, Admin officer, LIC of India.
All were knowledgeable and know how to explain very well.
Sabiha Yalagi, IT officer, PNG & sons
Thomas was good with practical hands on training
Niranjan Jain, Partner, Jain & Jain
Good and knowledgeable faculties.
Sadhu Chandra Sekhara, Asst Admin Officer, LIC of India
Very knowledgeable and good with teaching to the point and convincing
Aniket Dorwat, Sr Software Engineer, Xoriant Solutions
Clear on knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts in simple term which could be easily be understood. It created an awareness about the intensity of Security Threats to Application
Yogesh Kadhav, Software developer, Xoriant Solutions
Faculty is having excellent knowledge in this area. Tries to clear out at his best. It has created awareness for security in coding and also, in other leads, increased my interest to go further in detail
Manisha Palan, Software developer, Xoriant Solutions
This is a very good course. Rohit has a very knowledge of security with good capacity to explain and present the subject. A good knowledge about the implementation of security is gained. This will be helpful in future
Mali Digambar, Software developer, Xoriant Solutions
Good Knowledge and crisp and clear way of conveying and sharing the knowledge. Scope of Improvement and proper management of breaks
Sameer Wadhawan, Asst. Manager, CIBIL
Good to know the information since the entire field is new to me, a lot of information to retain. However the facilitator has been very informative
Rachael, Asst. Manager, CIBIL
Very informative. Helped us to enhance our knowledge and has given us new perspective. Being an ISCT member, this training will help us in effective implementation of Infosec Policies
Hemang Dave, Sr. Manager, CIBIL
A very good understanding on ISO 27001:2013 was imparted. During this 4 days training, now I am confidence enough to carry out the activities related to information Security
Rupali Gaikwad, Manager - Key Accounts Support, CIBIL
The training was well conducted. The participants benefited quite well.
Lt. Col. (Ret). A J Vijayakumar, CISSP. Chief Information Security Officer. Tata Communications Limited
Training session was good, Appreciate Jaideep’ s Insight into subject and the way he is conducted the training.
Kalaiselvan S, Tata Communications Limited
Dear Rutuja, Rashmi & Sanoop,
Thank you for the support provided.
The administration of this course is done very professionally and it shows how concerned each one of you are about the students welfare.
This is something that I personally appreciate.
Thanks. :-)
Marsh Miranda, Software Engineer, DST Worldwide
Basic training is very good and useful.
A.Shankal, Software Engineer, DST Worldwide
I liked the training. I wish to have a person guiding on security on our applications in development.
Snigdha Keerthi, Sr Software Engineer, DST Worldwide
Thank you. This course is very useful.
Mohith Gupta, Software Engineer, DST Worldwide
The training is very useful.
A. Satyanarayan Reddy, Project Lead, DST Worldwide
Thank you for providing us the training & hands-on experience on Imperva. It was quite well done and I appreciate every one’s efforts for the same
Mohith Gupta, CDG Content and Process Mgt, Tech Mahindra
Overall great Experience.
Yogesh Raskar, Associate (Information Security)- Principal Global Services
Most important was the Trainer, it was worth to attend this training.
Rohit Pandita, Manager- IT Infosec- UFO Moviez India Ltd
Overall Informative and extensive
Pallavi Prasad, Test Engineer, Zycus
Good Environment- clean and spacious, not crowded.
Raafa Naile, Sr. Consultant
It was an eye opener and the faculty was extremely good, informative from end to end. Completely curved by the knowledge possessed and the training was extremely good.
Arun Gopava Krishnan, Senior Manager, Standard Chartered
Training was great
Sivaraman Pathsavy, Manager Technical, Standard Chartered
Very good and useful training with online demos
Rajkumar K, Associate Vice President, Standard Chartered
Course coverage is excellent
K Thanigaivasan, Business Solution Manager, Standard Chartered
Very good and Interactive session.
Murugaraj, Development, Standard Chartered
Has in–depth knowledge and is able to engage the crowd in his discussion.
Manish Tiwari, Developer, Tata Technologies
Thanks Sanoop Thomas, Had a great session indeed, Looking forward to further communication
Nikhil Bhan, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
The training was comprehensive and the trainer was well equipped with knowledge
Ravi Sharma, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Good. Training was excellent, It will help us while developing applications
Sandesh Thombre, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Web Security training is good , it added a new skill for me
Dastagir K, Siebel, Consultant, Tata Technologies Ltd.
From this web security training, we learned so many new things really it is useful for our project. Faculty is good, explained clearly about web security related things. Compared to earlier, we have knowledge now on web security
Rammurthy, Functional Analyst, Tata Technologies Ltd.
As per training perspective, it is very much appreciated for the best training provided with real-time scenarios
Sreedhar Garaga, Functional Analyst, Tata Technologies Ltd.
The knowledge of the trainer was awesome and the way it was transferred to us was really nice and , made us more interested into security, Thanks! Sanoop was very interactive and very patient. It was very interesting session
Manoj Kumar T, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Sanoop is having sound knowledge, we would like to have more session like today
Harsh Shrivastava, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Clear, Illustrative session, was worth experiencing and learning.
Deepti Puranik, Solution Developer, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Trainer is having good knowledge and communicated well what he wanted to
Jai Prakash Singh, Business Analyst, Tata Technologies Ltd.
Sanoop has a good insight towards security technology that reflects well in his security session.
Utkarsh Vishwakarma, Symantec
Well done! Instructor Sanoop was very well versed with all the concepts.
Rutuja Kelkar, Associate SQA Engineer, Symantec
It is a good training with clarity of concepts.
Mandar Eklahare, SQA Engineer, Symantec
Deepak Raujar, SQA, Symantec
Overall training was good.
Kamalakar Kale, Associate SQA Engineer, Symantec
Good Training!
Sandeep, Sr.SQA, Symantec
Like the trainer’s delivery and Knowledge of subject. Like the environment of IIS and helping staff. Great to be a part of training
Aditya Vijjan, Sr. Technical Support Engineer, Essen Vission
KK is a good point of ‘Security Data Warehouse’ with complete coverage of security industry. IIS is a great foundation for the security profile holders. Years of experience made easy to understand things in easy manner. KK made it simpler & relevant.
Vaibhav Chaudhari, Pre-Sales, Essen Vission
One of the best training centers for CISSP & Information Security Trainings
Manish Mestry, Head-IT Infrastructure, Credit Analysis & Research Ltd
A good institute for starters in information security. Very knowledgeable trainers faculty.
Arvind Vishkarama, Technical Analyst, Mphasis
Good knowledge of Web App Sec!
Rajesh Rane, Team Lead, Tata Technologies
I am able to understand the website security issues. I will try to implement that in ongoing.
Ashilesh Bhatkar, Annet Technologies
Found the training very useful, QA sessions helped realizing where we stand.Depth of coverage was commendable. Thanks for that! Thanks for explaining the course over phone and being flexible in registration and the regular follow up calls and reminders clearly demonstrate professionalism.
Unni Velayudhan, Consultant, Wipro
Before my job interview I was not at confident that I would be able to crack it as an experienced guy in information security was going to interview me. But the person was very happy with my answers and I got selected for second round. I presented what I have learned in CISC training, it was possible because of all of you guys, I want to thank all my trainers from the bottom of my heart. Yesterday’s interview has boosted my confidence to get a good start in information security.
KK No words to thank you, you are really a gem.
Karishma Very helpful throughout the training period. What I have seen once you have enrolled for a course, the institute doesn’t bother about how the training is going on, but in the case of Karishma it is opposite, she is available and rectified our problems whenever we went to her with any issues. Thanks a lot .
Taufiq Ali The session of Metasploit and Web application security using Webgoat project, which you have taken was just amazing (able to answer the questions in depth to interviewer). Thanks a lot.
Wasim Halani The basics of Web application Security covered by you really went straight in our minds which i think we will never forgot. Thanks a lot.
Vikash Tiwari The guy with immense knowledge and eager to share his knowledge more and more, you have a tremendous knowledge of infosec (especially forensics). We have really enjoyed your session throughout. Thanks a lot.
Last but not the least the guy who really impressed us with his knowledge and his skills - SANOOP THOMAS. The session of Wireless hacking (because of which I was able to answer the question 6 and 7 of interviewer), Email forensics, and others session, you have a excellent knowledge of Infosec especially in web application security, wireless security. You are always eager to learn and you never give up, you keep trying and trying. a special thanks to you!
There is a lot to write about you guys. I will definitely like to be in contact with NII and IIS in future in any form, it will be my pleasure.-
Dhiraj Mahajan, IT Consultancy, Vayam Technologies(Formerly iBilt Technologies Limited),
A dedicated and well focused Institute on providing security training and Audit. This gives us the confidence to approach IIS for any kind of software security needs.
N Sangeetha Thylambhal, PM /Senior Software Engineer, CMC Limited


We appreciate Shrawan for his in-depth knowledge of ability to communicate. Shrawan was exceptionally qualified for the subject. He displayed good command & knowledge of Cyber-Ark.
Zahir Chhapra, Sr. Technical Support Engineer, Travelex India Pvt Ltd
Co Excellent course and instructor. I enjoy it 100 times.Thanks. We should make more collaboration in future.
Yasser Alghamdi, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
The course opened my eyes to unfamiliar area which I’m enthusiastic to enter.
Ahmed Aljohar, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
My sincere thanks to those who were dedicated their efforts in arranging and delivering this valuable and useful CISSP online Training to me. My special gratitude to Mr. K K Mookhey for his wonderful peculiar-mode of training with his in-depth security knowledge, various useful materials which he is sharing and tips for cracking the Exam. I am confident that this training would take us to further step in IT/IS management considering security also as a key element.
Appreciate the efforts of Mr. Sanoop Thomas during setup phase and hope to keep this relationship moving forward.
Gopinath R, Head-IT Infrastructure, OTE Group, Oman
Training provided in IIS by KK sir for CISSP was so in depth in concepts that it helped me understand all the security domains and not just that I even cleared the CISSP exam. A Big thanks to KK sir & IIS.
Henry Mendonca, , Assistant Systems Manager, Royal Caribbean International
Thank you so much for a wonderful training and we all enjoyed and most importantly took many things out from the training.
Buddhika De Alwis, MCP | Senior Consultant | Advisory, Ernst & Young, Qatar
Co-operative, and friendly staff, Comfortable Enviroment,Being completely new to this field, every single aspect is new and challenging, but the help and support of the trainers is making it possibly fair and easy. “Appreciated”
Inderjit Kaur Randhawa, P&O Cruiser (Australia) Security Sup
Dear Ms. Karishma,
I am happy to inform you that I have joined as an IT manager in Lusaka, Zambia for implementing an ERP software and to give support on the same. Very soon I will implement a proper information security system and work on the same what I have learnt from your esteemed training institute (IIS).
Convey my heartfelt thanks to Mr.K.K.Mookhey and the member of the IIS staff for the wonderful training had in IIS, and of course, I should appreciate the hospitality and food during the training period
I think I can bring this to your notice to say that I always feel that I am part of your team, even after the course is over :-)
Ashok, IT Manager, Lusaka Zambia
It has been a pleasant experience to come and attend this training. Very friendly atmosphere.
Jeffrey Misquita, Sales & Bit Defender Support, Ashley WLL, Kuwait
Training was really good! I am really proud to attend the training with K.K.Mookhey. I am glad I spent one week of my vacation for this training.
Tony Jacob John, Network Engineer, Abu-Dhabi Commercial Bank
Excellent training. One of the best I have attended in many years. ***Awesome***.
Hemant Nadkarni, SR. Network Engineer, Abu-Dhabi Commercial Bank
Excellent training. K.K. Mookhey is very knowledgeable person and very interactive, He made a boring subject into interesting. Well done.
Bino Yohamnan, Sr. Developer,Ministry of Education New Zealand
Centre for Information Communication Technologies ( CICT) of the University of Zambia is extremely happy to strongly recommend the Institute of Information Security [IIS] based in Mumbai India for all ICT Security Training Programmes.
This Institute has well trained and experienced trainers whose approach to training is highly commendable and exceptional. They do not focus much on theoretical methodologies but rather they dig deeper into practical aspects so as to ensure that they re-produce themselves in the students. Their objectives are to produce experts who are equal in technical abilities like themselves. They do it more as a service not so much about business.
This methodology has extremely helped to accelerate our technical prowess from a point of inadequacy (lack of skills), lack of confidence, shyness to a level of competence equal to none.
We are now able to carry out Vulnerability Assessments on Networks, Web Applications, Legacy Systems, Wireless Infrastructures, Servers etc. We can also make recommendations of what is required to solve a security breach as well as carry out penetration testings.
IIS has opened us up to a brand new world of ICT Security.
Collins C. Chinyama, Director, University of Zambia
KK was excellent in the delivery of training. He was receptive to feedback. I’d highly recommend him as a CISSP trainer!
Syed Nazeeb Ullah, Head of IT Security, Woqod, Qatar fuel
Sharing the Security Audit experience with different customers made the training very interesting. Impressive teaching style of KK.
Nouman Khan, Ooredoo (Qatar)
I think course is so good and powerful
Ibrahim Abdukamiem, AL-Sharq Newspaper


The faculty here is good and very helpful to solve the doubts.And the educational environment is very healthy.
Fasil UllatStudent
Parag Sir is the best trainer one ever had. He is helping the student very much. He is very supportive.
Alakshendra Singh ChauhanStudent
Parag Sir is very co--operative and helping nature and solve every doubt of mine.He have depth knowledge of whatever he teach.
The organisation has the best faculty. Have good excellent knowledge in the information security and solves queries on time
Cephas Joesph Student
excellent , speechless
Subhish SubhramniamStudent
I really enjoyed the CISC (6 months) course. The content of this course was elaborate and industry oriented. The trainers were very helpful and approachable.
Siddesh PatekarStudent
Experience in IIS was most knowledgeable. Trainers were very helpful and skilled. We really enjoyed our whole experience
Anurag BanerjeeStudent
Experience in IIS was very good. Trainers are experienced and are so helpful.
Dhirendra SinghStudent
Excellent course, good teaching & knowledgeable trainers.
Sreelakshmi NairStudent
The combination of well learned trainers try as much as possible to re produce their expertise knowledge in students.
Suleiman Farouk
I am so pleased with the institute deliveries , in terms of knowledge they give to their students/clients. Keep it up IIS,will definitely recommend you to prospective learners.
Oyedeji Christian Oyetunde
It is wonderful to have undergo training in your institute. The school has help to wide my knowledge about Information Security , I most appreciate all staff of the Institute for their relationship with us students and in particularly appreciate miss Rashmi for her friendly and wonderful relationship.
Madumeye Ifesinachi Sunday
I am glad to state that I have been selected as "Security Analyst and Trainer" in TechDefence Pvt. Ltd. I wholeheartedly would like to thank all my trainers and associated members of Institute of Information Security and Network Intelligence India for providing me with the knowledge and skills required to be a part of this elegant InfoSec domain. Hope to serve you as well in future.
Nitin Sharma
Just like to say overall it was more than good .
Somil Keshwani
In IIS came to know exact meaning of Security. Thanks to all trainers & management for being helpful. CISC course is overall excellent!
Ashish Dubey
The trainers were really good, composed and confident. Rashmi was really really good and met with almost all the requirements. Overall, I had a really good training period. The head trainer was really good and helps in comprehending some of the topics taught.
Anjorin Adeniyi Samson
The training was superb, as the trainers delivered with so much exquisite in a very single and concise manner. It was really a good and satisfactory experience.
Ariyibi Akinwumi Joseph,
I will like to comment the good work of Rashmi who helped me to blend in .Sanoop sir was more than helpful one. He is my mentor. His teaching and human relation is very good.Mahesh Sir is a very good and patient trainer.
I wanted to thank you for your motivational and truly knowledgeable classes, you made our careers and a very good news is we have gotten placed in a very good company. Thanks again!
Puneet Vohra, Student
Notes, Study Materials and Books provided were very helpful, The course syllabus is comprehensive, the faculty teaching methods excellent
Rohit Kumar, Student
A good place to learn. Trainers have good knowledge about the information security. Their approach to training is very good
Rohit Jadhav, Student
Nice way of teaching through live and recent examples, very fun and interactive course
Abhijeet A Doke, Student
It was great experience for me to have good knowledge about information security from the experts. It was great interaction with trainers as they are experts in information security. I have got a lot of useful knowledge for information security, Mayank Sir and Sanoop Sir and Other trainers are motivational, and knowledge was more useful. Thanking them a lot
Neelesh Kanojia, Student
Course and even course material was excellent
Kathi Irfan, Student
Very knowledgeable, get hands on all the tools. Practicals are very good. Learning hacking was not that difficult. Managing staff : Rutuja and Rashmi were very helpful
Amit Tamse, Student
Got the full exposure of Infosec, gave me practical hands-on and in-depth knowledge about how core technologies works, and how to secure them
Puneet, Student
I have never felt so enthusiastic before joining IIS for any trainings
Sumit Shrivastava, Student
The training was so cool!! Awesome training, course was too practical very professional exposure to the concepts!
B. Mohamed Suhail, Student
The course has comprehensively taught me loads of core concepts absolutely essential in order to strengthen the knowledge base. Besides introducing me to a variety of tools and aspects of Information Security, it has also imparted a positive outlook in me. I had never imagined that I would be learning so much in such a little span of time
Sameer Modgi, Student
Sharmila made a great input that changed the way I think towards being a security analyst. All my points go to her, and I wish her a better career in Future.
Kalu Marcusuko, Student
Teachers are very helpful, specially Sharmila Ma’am & Sanoop Sir, they always entertain our doubts & give us extra time to clear all our doubts.
Prashant Dabhade, Student
The training was excellent and all doubts were cleared as well, I am most thankful to Sharamila Ma’am.
Jeriel Udom, Student
Sharmila Ma’am did an awesome job of teaching through the 6 months. Job will done!!!
Sudhir Nair, Student
The course helped me in changing my view towards information security and the term hacking and increased my knowledge in the field.
Akshat Mirgal, Student
Excellent infrastructure & faculty. Awesome level!
Rashid Ansari, Student
Sanoop Sir, Sharmila ma’am & Dharamveer Sir. I would like to mention complete teaching & doubts were nicely cleared. But I have still long way to go & learn many things.
Ganesh R Petker, Student
All and whole we felt good and got our real strength, where we are and how we will be the future of tomorrow. The director and all trainers are very intelligent and very friendly.
Raval Akhil, Student
Institute training program is really helpful in exploring the knowledge in different security domains.
Santosh S.Parab, Student
The way training was conducted it terms with understanding the in-depth technicality associate with all the subject was excellent!
Anil Yadav, Student
Course was very good and I learnt lot of things in information security. The institute environment is so nice. Everyone is so friendly and down to earth.I am happy to the part of IIS. Thank you.
Sharmila Mam,She is awesome, fab trainer. She is one of the best trainer of my life. Thanks a lot mam for supporting me. Alex sir is also good.He is so friendly, enjoyed his class.
Deepika Jindal, Student
K.K is an excellent faculty. Thanks to his wonderful approach towards training. This made the training a wonderful experience, would also recommend my friends to do so.
Tejas B. Pawar, Student
It was a great journey which took me from being a security enthusiastic individual to becoming a technical trainer and security analyst. Special thanks to Sanoop Thomas sir and Karishma Mam
Mayank Kapoor, Student
I thank the entire team of IIS for giving a new vision to security domain and special thanks to Sanoop Thomas sir & Karishma Mam.
Ravi Shankar Yadav, Student
This is the best institute I ever had, the format, course is absolutely perfect and I would thank all the trainers.
Manish Bhandarkar, Student
Excellent course for entrants in the information security domain. Best part being it involved more hands on experience and adequate theory.
Girish Purswami, Student
Very good institute with supportive teachers and staff.
Sonali Lad, Student
The certified professional forensics analyst course was highly comprehensive; clear elaborate than what I had previously acquired. Excellent trainer’s too.
Irwin Puri, Student
I am very glad to take training from IIS. The in information security training is very good, it gives me the knowledge. The trainers are very good and very knowledgeable.
Vishal Dhawas, Student
The timings for the breaks are perfect, it helps you to keep paying attention, the instruction have a way of carrying everyone around regardless of your background and experience, the staff are friendly.
Adekanye Temidayo, Student
The course was good learned a lot of info and different tools. Notes provided were good.
Omkar Bnadiwadekar, Student
Very professional, very caring,..loved every minute of being here. Learnt a ton!
KK: loved ur lectures...learnt loads..You manage to create curiosity, which is very essential.
Taufiq: fun + knowledge = great combination!
Wasim: metasploit..owe it all to u.. :)
Sanoop: u cleared my basics like no one else. Thank you!
Loveen Varghese, Student
The course designed by NII is very good. The CISC course loaded me with a lot of knowledge about the area of security in brief. The class, the trainer and their in-depth knowledge about this field is excellent. The hands-on were very interesting. Thanks KK sir for designing such a course which is very helpful for the students like us
Omkar Gurao, Student
Found the course very helpful and career oriented. Faculty and punctuality were the primary assets. Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the program
Raja Kalyan Atluri, Student
The course material designed for CISC are excellent. Learning class are well structured. The people working in this institute are very good in their behavior. NII is like a family. All the members of NII work as one unit. All I want to conclude is every thing is "excellent" about NII.
Jamal Ahmed, Student
It was an amazing experience to learn from K K Sir. His experience and knowledge is truly extensive. Wasim and Mauli have also been great teachers.
Pranav Sultania, Student
As far as the training is concerned, we have to really appreciate the trainer, presented valuable information with good presentation & oral skills, very patient in discussion session. The whole training session is wonderful and excellent and very useful.
Soumil, Student
Mr Mookhey's session was extraordinary very good. Expectations were set accordingly when Mr Nikhil took over from Mr KK. Mookhey
Deepak, Student


Gained Knowledge on the topic discussed and good.
Venkatachalapathy, Consultant, Standard Chartered
Web Application Security was good.
Ganesan Ramani, Information Security Manager, Standard Chartered
Instructor has been knowledgeable in security. He explained security concepts in lucid manner so that major participants from various backgrounds (Development , PSS ,Tester) got most out of it.
S.Ramanujam, Lead Consultant, Standard Chartered
The Training was excellent. Your trainer's have kept our team engrossed for three Days !!!All members have appreciated the knowledge and expertise of the trainers.
Dinesh Pal, ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Ltd.
K.K is a very knowledgeable trainer and the training was provided in a very layman’s language. Looking forward to attend many more trainings with IIS, in the Security domain.
Chaithanya Rao, Information Security Manager, ICICI Bank
Thanks for providing me the better knowledge and practical experience in information security.
Daimi Syed Muntajib, IT Manager, National Payments Corporation, India
Overall a very good training, KK has an excellent knowledge on information security Domain. I was able to clear all my doubts and it would be the driving factor to achieve the CISSP certification.
Ziauddin Ansari, Asst. Vice President-IT Security Operations, Nomura
A very positive experience, the lecture was very well delivered and respond to specific questions was very good.
Vegesh Deshmukh, , Information Security Risk Analyst, Nomura India Pvt. Ltd.
I would like to place on record the excellent experience we had while attending the CPH training. The training was very insightful, precise, up to date and real-world oriented. We really enjoyed all the sessions and the way the trainers incorporated case studies, practicals and theory to make the training very interesting and memorable. All the trainers’ presentation skills, knowledge on the topics, subject matter expertise and ability to respond to queries was excellent. The training infrastructure was also very good.
NK Srivastava, Chief Manager (IT) & Information Security Officer, State Bank of India
The faculty support and the reference materials provided are very good. The instructor mode is also impressive. It definitely helped in grasping things quickly. The IT infrastructure provided to participants was good.
S.Mugunthan, Internal IT Auditor, Reserve Bank of India
The training was extremely comprehensive and organized very systematically. Looking forward to attend more trainings in the security gamut with IIS
Krishnan Badrinath, Senior Manager (IT Security & Governance),ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Comp.
Mr. Sanoop presentation skill is very good. Course material is also very good.
Manoj Mahajan, AD Admin, IDBI InfoTech
Great Experience learned many things which are essential but ignored by developers. Nice Knowledge ride in all 3 days sessions. Course material used for demos was useful and relevant.
Jayesh M Naik, Team Lead, JM Financial
Infrastructure is good. The knowledge of trainer is great. Learnt a lot of things about Information Security.
Abhishek M. Jadhav, (Developer .net/MVC3), JM Financial
Infrastructure good everything was good
Mani Kandar, (S/W Developer),JM Financial
Good Training cleared more of my security concerns in my application.
Shammi S Patne, Web Developer,JM Financial


Faculty is very good trainer with good ordinary skill. Has in depth knowledge and can deliver knowledge easily. The course met its objective.
Narendra Laxman Pitale, A.O., LIC
Good knowledge and presentation. Yes by giving introduction to security threats and tools and techniques to avoid hacking. Yes, by expending the duration of course and selecting single topic.
Sweta Yadav, AO IT, LIC
Yes it was relevant to the work.
Venu S., LIC
Faculty was excellent and had in-depth knowledge about the matter. The objective has met to a certain extent. The quality of the course is improved by more hands on sessions.
Vimalesh Kumar, Admin Officer, LIC
Faculty was knowledgeable. Yes the course met its objective.
KulenKalita, AO, LIC
Faculty was knowledgeable and able to explain the concepts clearly. Yes the course has helped to understand the various risk elements to the application and how to mitigate the same.
Subansh Kumar, AO-Developer, LIC
The course duration was short. May be extended to 4 days. To improve the course more practical training can be added.
Chandrashekhar Dattatraya Tendulkar, AO, LIC
Faculty is excellent, knowledgeable and has command over the topics covered.
Salil Vishnu Tendulkar, AO, LIC
Explaining the treats happening in industry in current environment. Yes the course met its objective. Hands on should be more and course can be extended for a day.
VB SudhakarBachimanchi, AO Developer, LIC
Outstanding faculty, very clear on items to be covered. The course met its objective, but little more is required. The quality of the course can be improved by making this training for 3 days, so that more inputs can be taken.
Anupam Patranabish, Developer, LIC
Quite knowledgeable. Yes the course met its objective to some extent.
Mona Shrikhande, AO Developer, LIC
The Environment is conducive good and has enough training material and equipment. Support Staff are also good , friendly and always available for any assistance required. I extend my thanks to our trainer Mr. Ravikant Rai for being patient, understanding and knows what he delivers.
Mrs. Eluby Chirwa, Assistant Director of Management Information System- Department of Human Resource Management and Development (HRMAD) Republic of Malawi
Good course and excellently presented by the presenter. The Marketing officer “Rutuja” was very good, helped a lot for our booking, arrangements from Malawi to Mumbai for our course. We had nice support staff like “Shruti” who arranged nice taste of Indian dishes.
Mr. Mathews F Chapuma, Assistant Director (ICT) - Department of Human Resource Management and Development (HRMAD) Republic of Malawi
I Salute the IIS for pursuing Information Security course which is one of the mission critical component in managing our organization assets. The course is hard to obtain in my region. I applaud the coordination , support and assistance rendered by the Marketing team to ensure that the course is conducted and supported to its extended objectives. I also salute the instructor for the delivering the course.
Mr. Jerome N. M. Kawonga, Deputy Director of Management Information System- Department of Human Resource Management and Development (HRMAD) Republic of Malawi
Institute of Information Security has a good team of people who know there job well. The training modules are flexible and adaptable according to the trainee needs. The sessions are always interactive, and more focus is towards learning by doing.
Rahul Raj, India’s premier defense research organization, DRDO
One of the best training centers for CISSP & Information Security Trainings
Manish Mestry, Head-IT Infrastructure, Credit Analysis & Research Ltd
Got the result of CISSP today and am very glad to inform you that I have passed. Hearty thanks to KK Sir, Karishma Mam and all others at IIS who have helped immensely.
Anand Patil, DGM | MTNL
Course was very well covered, retention level was very high
A.R.Patil, DGM Internet, MTNL
Experienced and having good knowledge about the subject. Communication skill and knowledge sharing was very good. Meet our day-to-day operational requirement also will help to design our long-term strategy for the organization.
Sharif Khan, Manager-IT, Bhel Bhopal
Institute is excellent in its field.It is good in providing training in awareness & Security. Environment is the institute is good , all knowledgaeble people / faculty. Good arrangement by institute as well as by our office i. e HUDCO.
Vijay M Saharkar, Manager IT(HUDCO)
The training program is very useful. The module is very comprehensive & well designed. Mr. Mookhey made first session very interesting. Mr. Thomas is very knowledgeable and helped to understand the importance of Security, ont only at corporate level but at personal level. Well organized.
Ravi Ranjan, Manager IT(HUDCO)
Good institute with excellent faculty. Faculty has excellent knowledge about the subject and answered the queries very well. Such useful trainings should be given to all employees at regular intervals. Very good arrangements were made. It is a very useful training as precaution is better than cure. It will be quite useful in day to day work. I would like to congratulate IT wing corporate office for this very useful training.
Rajeev Chadda, Manager IT(HUDCO)
To an extent good, infact very good.
Sharmistha Tewari, EDP Asstt, HUDCO corporate office
Very useful training, excellent arrangements.
Sangeeta Partap, Senior Manager, Law HUDCO
Can enlighten anybody. Excellent training.
Victor Bhattacharjee, Senior Manager (IT), HUDCO Regional office Kolkata
The material given by the institute are very good and knowledge .Very good.
Santosh Deogirikar, AGM IT, HUDCO
Since this is the basic (the first time we had about security) .We would like to hear one more later (after sometime)

Information Security solution/services

Nicely covered training. Loved the practical and the demo part. Had gone through theory but dint do practicals. Practical’s do clear the theory part as well.
Arjit Narayan, Software Engineer, Harman India.
Gives a generic overview regarding network based security. The training is conducive to learning basic concepts regarding network and network security.
Sourav Dasgupta, Engineer-SW, Harman India.
Pretty good course .
Sumit Chakravorty, Software Engineer, Harman India.
Was able to get good insight on how to start hacking.
Prashant J Mhamunkar, Harman India.
Training session was really interactive and knowledgeable.
Pankaj Chllah, Software Engineer, Harman India.
Great Stuff and lot of fun.
Abhijit Lansage, Sr. Software Engineer, Harman India.
KK makes the topic sweet and simple to grab the jargons. He is having excellent command on the topic.
Arun Mane, Consultant, AAA Technologies.
Indeed a great course covering a wide range of topics in such a small time extent.
Tejas B Pawar, , Network engineer & consultant, Routermania Technologies
Good and Known Platform for those who want to learn and understand Information Security in depth, I have Done Cisc Course and I am very happy to tell you that I got same position in Information Security Domain which I dreamed.
If we talk about Staff, they all are very co-operative with good subject knowledge. I would like to thank the entire staff of IIS for your efforts and support, specially Pradeep sir. He is a great and responsible teacher. He cleared all my doubts regarding the subject.Today what ever position I am having in the market is all thanks to IIS.
Amit Solanki, Ethical Hacking Researcher | I3 Indya Technology
K.K.'s way of teaching and knowledge depth is fantastic. He brought the confidence of clearing CISSP after completing the training.
Naveen Kumar SG, Netmagic Solutions


Excellent! Honest to explain the concepts, in minimum time maximum concepts were completed. Course was running beyond 6:00 pm to explain the concepts.
BB Meshram, Professor & Head Dept. of Computer Engineering, VJTI
Good, the explanation and involving everyone in discussion is very good. An honorable and courteous gentleman! Very good training.
Pankaj S, Asst.Professor, NIT Rourkela
We thank you very much for your CPE session conducted on 10-12-2011 for our members. The program was very well received and most of the participants rated the program as 'Excellent'.
C Rajaraman, Director-Programs, ISACA, Bangalore Chapter

Ethical Hacking Training

This course goes deep down into depths of networking, systems, web applications, actual exploitation & helps beginners to take their confident first step towards information security field.

  • 6 Weeks Comprehensive Training
  • Built by Experienced Professionals
  • Regularly update on tools, techniques in course content