Wireless Security

Learn Security Guidelines and Considerations in Wireless Networking

This two day course will present security guidelines and considerations in wireless networking. The participants will learn the latest security standards, including all 802.1x/EAP types used in WLANs , how to locate and triangulate rogue access points and implement Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems, assess the security of wireless networks using the same hacking tools the bad guys do.

Why should you attend this course?

  • Understand wireless standards & security architecture
  • Analyze the wireless protocol, and algorithmic flaws
  • Conduct penetration testing of wireless network
  • Understand Enterprise Security on wireless network

Who should attend?

  • Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers
  • Network Security Staff
  • Network and System Administrators
  • Incident Response Teams
  • Information Security Policy Decision Makers
  • Technical Auditors
  • Information Security Consultants

Course Contents

  • Module 1: Wireless Technology Background
  • Module 2: Risks of using Wireless Technologies
  • Module 3: Current Wireless Security
  • Module 4: Wireless Standards
  • Module 5: Wireless Handshake
  • Module 6: Attack Taxonomy
  • Module 7: Features of 802.11 Standard
  • Module 8: Packet types of 802.11 Standards
  • Module 9: 802.11 Protocol Analysis
  • Module 10: 802.11 authentication types
  • Module 11: Understanding Software Requirements
  • Module 12:Wireless Hardware and Drivers
  • Module 13: Attacking Open Wireless Network
  • Module 14: De-authenticating users
  • Module 15: Module SSID – Security through Obscurity
  • Module 16: Defeating MAC Filtering
  • Module 17: WEP Cracking
  • Module 18: Concept of IVs
  • Module 19: WPA/WPA2 Cracking
  • Module 20: Understanding PSK, TKIP, EAP, PEAP
  • Module 21: Advanced Wireless Attack
    • EvilTwin Attack
    • SSL Man In The Middle Attacks
  • Module 22: Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)
  • Module 23: WPA/WPA2 deployment
  • Module 24: Adding extra layer of external security
  • Module 25: Wireless IDS (WIDS)and Wireless IPS (WIPS)
  • Module 26: Considering choice of RADIUS
  • Module 27: Best Practices for enterprise Security
  • Module 28: BYOD Security Issues
  • Module 29: MDM Security Solutions
  • Module 30: Understanding 802.11i Security


Faculty had a good knowledge of training.
Mukesh K. Lokre, Information Security Analyst, Travelex
Faculty is very enthusiastic & motivated
Niraj Patondikar, Information Security Analyst, Travelex
Faculty is very enthusiastic & motivating. Enjoyed training with highly technical conversations.
Chinmay Dhawale, Information Security Analyst, Travelex
Practical part was good. Had a very good hands-on.
Ajinkya, Information Security Analyst, Travelex
Faculties are well versed with the topics they discussed and well prepared too.
Vinay Vinayak Rahatekar, Admin officer, LIC of India.
All were knowledgeable and know how to explain very well.
Sabiha Yalagi, IT officer, PNG & sons
Thomas was good with practical hands on training
Niranjan Jain, Partner, Jain & Jain
Good and knowledgeable faculties.
Sadhu Chandra Sekhara, Asst Admin Officer, LIC of India

Ethical Hacking Training

This course goes deep down into depths of networking, systems, web applications, actual exploitation & helps beginners to take their confident first step towards information security field.

  • 6 Weeks Comprehensive Training
  • Built by Experienced Professionals
  • Regularly update on tools, techniques in course content