About Us:

The Institute of Information Security (IIS) Also known as CyberExcellence Academy Pvt. Ltd is one of the most trusted sources of hands-on trainings in information security providing excellent unmatched practical training to individuals and corporates around the globe for over a decade. With the backing of our brilliant technical team providing consulting services for the past 17 years under the brand name of Network Intelligence, we are here to train, mentor and support your career in cybersecurity. Our emphasis on hands-on practical training gives our clients and students an edge to grow rapidly and advance professionally in their respective career(s).

Network   Intelligence (I) Pvt. Ltd. (NII), incorporated   in   2001, is   a   committed   and well-recognized provider of services, solutions and products in the cybersecurity space. Our team of nearly 500+ professionals have made a mark for themselves with highly satisfied clients across the globe supported by our offices in New York, Dubai, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. With a strong focus on research and innovation, we have built extensive capability around Big Data for Security Analytics, Red Team Assessments, Incident Response, and Security Automation.

We have a strong culture of lifelong learning, research and mentoring. We encourage all our employees to constantly explore their boundaries, attend training programs, obtain certifications and participate in the research efforts of the global cybersecurity community

Why IIS ?

Inspiration by Leadership

We are the leaders in market in the cybersecurity space, you get a chance to learn from & work with the experts.    


We believe in growing along with the people hence we prioritize the personal development of our team members with our processes which provides you a clear visualization of your career path with the help of immense career opportunities within the organization.


People are our core competency & hence your care is our priority, we are one of the few companies’ where you will be supported to do what you love & love what you do.


We believe in excellence and constantly strive to improve ourselves, our teams, and our services and products to become the best.


You have the freedom to be innovative to see the world differently, develop your ideas, and realize your full potential.

Experts to help you at each step

We have mentorship programs to help and assist you in achieving your dream by gaining knowledge through experience & hard work.

Current Openings

Cloud Security Consultant – Assessment
Designation: Cloud Security Consultant – Assessment
Job Code: HR1193
Location: Dubai/Mumbai
Experience: 4+ years
Job Description:
  • Encourage ‘Shift Left’ Mindset - Proactively embed security requirements, by influencing implementation of security & privacy patterns from the start of the development cycle
  • Implement via Influence - Influence stakeholders such as Product Owners, Solution Architects, Developers, Testers, Engineers & others to include security patterns into features, epics and stories in order to build secure, innovative & superior digital products for customers and emplo
  • Assessments – Perform security assessment and perform gap analysis to provide appropriate remediations to the teams for implementing the fixes.
  • Key Skills – Application Security, Security Code review, API security, Platform security, IAST, SAST, DAST, Infrastructure security and Cloud Security – MS Azure
  • Tools and Technologies – Expertise in Azure Security Center and Azure Policies, Burp Suite, Nessus, Checkmarx, Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, GitHub, OpenShift and good knowledge about microservice architecture and pipeline driven security.
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Cybersecurity Analyst/Senior Analyst - Assessment
Designation: Cybersecurity Analyst/Senior Analyst - Assessment
Job Code: HR1004
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 1+ years
Job Description:
  • Conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for network, web applications,mobile applications and thick-client application
  • Conduct configuration reviews for OS, DB, Firewall, Routers, Switches and other infrastructure components
  • Conduct red-team assessments using social engineering, physical security compromise and other techniques
  • Be well-versed with internal privilege escalation techniques
  • Conduct source-code review using automated and manual approaches
  • Prepare detailed reports as per NII format
  • Ensure timely delivery of status updates and final reports to clients
  • Handle client queries
  • Keep oneself updated on the latest IT Security news, exploits, hacks
  • Contribute technical content – chapter meetings, blogposts
  • Conduct internal and external trainings on various topics related to security assessment
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Senior Incident Responder - SOC
Designation: Senior Incident Responder - SOC
Job Code: HR1207
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 3+ years
Job Description:
  • Maintain situational awareness of cyber activity by reviewing open source reporting for new vulnerabilities, malware, or other threats that have the potential to impact the organization
  • Perform cyber threat intelligence analysis, correlate actionable security events, perform.
  • Network traffic analysis using raw packet data, net flow, IDS, IPS, and custom sensor output as it pertains to the cyber security of communication networks, and participate in the coordination of resources during incident response efforts.
  • Coordinate resources during enterprise incident response efforts, driving incidents to timely and complete resolution.
  • Be well-versed with the cyber killchain and attacker tools, tactics and procedures
  • Employ advanced forensic tools and techniques for attack reconstruction, including forensic analysis and volatile data collection and analysis.
  • Conduct malware analysis providing indicators for enterprise defensive measures.
  • Analyze reports to understand threat campaign(s) techniques, lateral movements and extract indicators of compromise (IOCs).
  • Recommend sound remediation and recovery strategies, suggest defensive policy enhancements and information technology procedures.
  • Interface with external entities including law enforcement organizations, intelligence community organizations and other government agencies as and when required.
  • Deliver status reports, briefings, recommendations, and findings to management and executives as required.
  • Awareness of active threat hunting techniques
  • Conduct internal and external trainings on various topics related to Incident Response.
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst (Qradar/ Azure Sentinel) - SOC
Designation: Sr. Cybersecurity Analyst (Qradar/ Azure Sentinel) - SOC
Job Code: HR104
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 3+ years
Job Description:
  • Daily Incident Review – Reviews all the incidents raised, analyses the False positive alerts and shares input for rule fine tuning wherever required
  • Key Incidents of the day – Find the key incidents reported and summarize it to SOC Manager
  • Review automated daily security reports of key security controls, identify anomalies and, escalate critical security events to the appropriate stakeholders and follow-up as required
  • UAT Use Case Testing – Follow the defined change management process and Work with Innovation team to test all the newly defined use cases
  • Raise the genuine UAT alerts with Incident Handler SPOC along with suggested remediations
  • Understand the feedback from IH and Fine tune alerts wherever required
  • Use Case fine tuning – Analyze all the configured use cases and provide recommendation for fine tuning the current use cases
  • Suggest new use cases for the integrated devices and propose them to Innovation team and SOC Manager
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

SIEM Administrator (SOAR/Qradar/Splunk/Azure Sentinel) - SOC
Designation: SIEM Administrator (SOAR/Qradar/Splunk/Azure Sentinel) - SOC
Job Code: HR1181
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • SME for SOAR products such as IBM Resilient/Rapid Insight/Sentinel and SIEM products
  • Good knowledge on TIP
  • Design HLD\LLD for customers based on experience, best practices and understanding of customer environment
  • Experience with SOAR implementation and playbooks configuration
  • Installation, implementation, troubleshooting of SOAR & SIEM tools
  • Deploying and maintaining SOAR & SIEM systems
  • Log Baselining – Document the logging levels and baselines for supported log sources
  • Coordinating and conducting security event collection
  • Understand logs, log formats and should be able to identify appropriate information for Log parsing and SIEM rule creation
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Presales Consultant – MDR
Designation: Presales Consultant – MDR
Job Code: HR1190
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 5+ years
Job Description:
  • se technical skills to design, implement and provide knowledge transfer of MDR services & solutions
  • Candidate should possess technical knowledge of MDR, SOC, different SIEM products and its architecture
  • Conduct pre-engagement meetings with customers to understand their requirement, setup and suggest our solutions & services. This also includes conducting technical presentations to prospective clients
  • Periodically function as a requirements analyst to ensure customer is aware of the most recent Cybersecurity portfolio offerings.
  • Serve as a conduit between the sales team and the Delivery team at NI.
  • Conduct Cybersecurity solution & service research to ensure most recent updates & offerings are provided to customer.
  • Make consistent contributions to the Cybersecurity technical portfolio by adding, modifying, perfecting, and/or standardizing the Cybersecurity Portfolio.
  • Other Cybersecurity engineering, documentation, standardization, or training tasks as required.
  • Submit technical estimations for projects & RFP’s
  • Determine the needs of end users of technical documentation
  • Prepare data sheets, brochures, blogs, whitepapers etc with the help of technical writer & marketing team
  • Standardize content across platforms and media.
  • Review, Revise & Update methodology and approach documents.
  • Prepare and review presentation files.
  • Marketing activities –
  • Preparing case studies
  • Developing Website content
  • Preparing white papers
  • Manage organization’s Blogs
  • Preparing Brochure content
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Inside Sales Executive – SOC
Designation: Inside Sales Executive – SOC
Job Code: HR1176
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2+ years
Job Description:
  • A Cybersecurity Inside Sales Executive is responsible for selling cybersecurity solutions and services to businesses and organizations. This includes identifying potential customers, building relationships, and demonstrating the value of the company's products and services.

    The job duties include:

    1. Conducting market research to identify potential customers and evaluate their needs:

  • Staying up-to-date on market trends, competition, and customer demands in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Analyzing data and market reports to determine the best sales strategies and identify target customers.
  • Keeping abreast of industry regulations and standards that impact sales activities.
  • 2. Building relationships with prospects through phone, email, and other communication channels:

  • Making outbound calls and sending emails to potential customers to introduce the company's products and services.
  • Following up with prospects and maintaining regular contact to build trust and rapport.
  • Responding to customer inquiries and providing accurate and timely information about the company's offerings.
  • Building and maintaining a strong network of contacts and referrals.
  • 3. Collaborating with other sales and technical teams to ensure successful implementation of solutions:

  • Working closely with the technical team to ensure that customers receive the right solution that meets their needs.
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Sales-Corporate Training - CAPL
Designation: Sales-Corporate Training - CAPL
Job Code: HR1191
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 2-4 years
Job Description:
  • We are looking for a talented and competitive Sales Representative who can generate high quality sales leads for the business in a quick sales cycle environment.
  • Source new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up and outbound cold calls and emails and LinkedIn or previous customer relationships
  • Close sales and achieve monthly/quarterly/yearly target.
  • Research accounts, identify key players and generate interest for upcoming training.
  • Sense of ownership and pride in self-performance and its impact on company’s succes
  • Proven track record of achieving the monthly/quarterly/yearly target.
  • Understanding customer needs and requirements and skill to upsell or cross sell.
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Cybersecurity Trainer - CAPL
Designation: Cybersecurity Trainer - CAPL
Job Code: HR1192
Location: Mumbai/ Pune
Experience: 1+ years
Job Description:
  • Looking for a Cyber Security Trainer with decent Communication Skills and should have a sincere approach towards the assigned tasks.
  • Candidate should have expertise in Cybersecurity and GRC
  • Responsible for interacting and mentoring Global candidates.
  • Delivering highly interactive lectures offline/online.
  • Candidate should be efficient in handling corporate training.
  • Develop cutting edge and innovative content for classes to help facilitate delivery of classes in an interesting way
  • Continuously improve the delivery experience to ensure that the experience of students is world class.
  • Should be efficient in creating the study material for trainings and should be updated with the latest development in Cybersecurity
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Tele Caller - CAPL
Designation: Tele Caller - CAPL
Job Code: HR1206
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 0-1 years
Job Description:
  • Knowing all the details of the product or service offerings.
  • Regularly updating and obtaining the lists of individual contact details.
  • Meet and exceed sales target set by the organization.
  • Stay updated with market trends to better serve customers.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with future prospects.
  • Conducting each function with the utmost respect, regardless of the behavior of the other.
  • Keep record of every customer interaction and sales.
  • Excellent Communication.
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Senior Cybersecurity Analyst (Fortigate Firewall) – Solutions
Designation: Senior Cybersecurity Analyst (Fortigate Firewall) – Solutions
Job Code: HR1173
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 3-5 years
Job Description:
  • Managing Firewall (Checkpoint), Checkpoint EDR, Checkpoint IDS/IPS.
  • Security Policy configuration, review, analysis and tuning Availability and Resource Monitoring
  • Hands-on experience on FortiGate Firewall Configuration and also in checkpoint
  • Knowledge on reviewing Firewall policy as per standard template define by Management (SOP)
  • Configuration of a user access rule (internet or intranet) on a FortiGate firewall using FortiGate Manager and checkpoint.
  • Mac address whitelisting on location firewall using FortiGate Manager.
  • Indicator of compromise (IoC) Blocking on FortiGate/Checkpoint Firewall.
  • Creation VPN Access on FortiGate 100 E and Checkpoint firewall.
  • Creating Health reports and Dashboard Reports for Checkpoint & FortiGate Firewall.
  • Follow audit procedure for reviewing location firewalls configurations whenever required.
  • Creating tickets for issues that are being addressed using the Sapphire ticketing tool.
  • Creation of different types of Firewall SOPs whenever required.
  • Coordinating with locations users on phone for the issues raised related to internet access.
  • Model used are 50 E and 61 F FortiGate firewall.
  • Internet Link Monitoring using OP Manager tools whenever required.
  • FortiGate Policy synchronizing is done whenever policy status is seen out of sync from FortiGate Manager.
  • Raising tickets with OEM and product partner in case of any complex issues and following up till closure
  • Documentation of SOP which would be followed by the resource for his activities for standardization
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]

Project Manager
Designation: Project Manager
Job Code: HR1180
Location: Mumbai
Experience: 5+ years
Job Description:
  • Project Lifecycle Management through Zoho Projects
  • Resourcing, building project plans, and tracking deliverables.
  • Project documentation and database management
  • Monitoring and controlling the project progress with project teams on a regular basis to ensure no slip-ups.
  • Preparing weekly, monthly reports on project progress.
  • Supporting MIS team to extract various project health reports.
  • Submitting periodic phase-completion reports for larger projects.
  • Escalating issues and gaps to sr. management as well as client’s management teams.
  • Coordinating with cross-functional teams for different project management activities
  • Resource database updating internal and external.
  • Obtaining customer feedback upon closure of the project.
  • To apply, send your resume to [email protected]