IOT Security - Advanced


Highlights of this Course

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already one of the hottest technology trends currently. And in the near future the IoT ecosystem will explode with billions of devices going online. All of these devices are being developed to have some level of connectivity or the other – in a lot of the cases to the Internet! The progression in IoT is expected to offer services that goes beyond M2M (Machine-to-Machine) communications and is anticipated to herald automation in nearly all fields. Industrial product vendors and consumers are imagining connecting almost every thing to the Internet.

With the brisk development in IoT, security is often given very low priority. To address these concerns, we have developed a specialized course that teaches the cybersecurity professional the art and skill of testing the security of IoT devices.

"Exploiting IoT" is a unique course designed to offer you the ability to evaluate the security of these smart devices. This course is ideal for those wanting to understand the security issues associated with IoT and enabling them to make better decisions when building, deploying and assessing IoT technologies

Who should attend:

  • Security Professionals
  • Security Architect
  • Pen-testers
  • Security Analyst

Advance IoT Security:

Duration: 3 days

  • Analysing and Exploiting Firmware
  • Bluetooth Hacking and Exploitation
  • Exploitation IoT protocol and Hardware security
  • Reversing and exploiting ARM Binaries

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