ISO 22301 Lead Implementer (LI) Training

Lead Implementer

About the course

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has published ISO 22301, a standard that clearly defines the process, principles and terminology of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP).

On completion of this four day course, the participants will be able to successfully implement, manage and maintain business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans within their organization. By understanding the process involved in BCM, participants will also be better prepared to review and audit existing plans.

Who should attend this course?

The course is aimed at providing an overview of ISO 22301 to those influencing or managing the implementation or ongoing maintenance of BCM.

Table of Contents

Session 1: Introduction to Business Continuity Management(BCM)
Session 2: ISO 22301 Part 1 and 2 – History, Status, Background and Contents
Session 3: The BCM Programme
Session 4: Understanding the Organization
Session 5: Developing a BCM Strategy
Session 6: Develop Plans for BCM Response
Session 7: Exercising, Maintenance and Reviewing of BCM Plans
Session 8: Embedding the BCM awareness within the organization

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Sameer Wadhawan, Asst. Manager, CIBIL

Good Knowledge and crisp and clear way of conveying and sharing the knowledge. Scope of Improvement and proper management of breaks

Rachael, Asst. Manager, CIBIL

Good to know the information since the entire field is new to me, a lot of information to retain. However the facilitator has been very informative

Hemang Dave, Sr. Manager, CIBIL

Very informative. Helped us to enhance our knowledge and has given us new perspective. Being an ISCT membet, this training will help us in effective implementation of Infosec Policies

Rupali Gaikwad, Manager - Key Accounts Support, CIBIL

A very good understanding on ISO 27001:2013 was imparted. During this 4 days training, now I am confidence enough to carru out the activities related to information Security

Harinder Pal Singh, Hinduja Global Solutions

Good Informative. Very relevant to the organization. The trainer used practical examples related to our organization and made it very interactive

Bharat Shenoy, Hinduja Global Solutions

The material GPG were current for year 2018.

K.Karvananisi, Hinduja Global Solutions

As the course has given more knowledge as expected and got got the reference materials or current recent one too. Very informative and good knowledge

Avinash Dixit, Hinduja Global Solutions

The trainer had a very nice way of explanation, which made it easy to understand

Warren Gladstone, Hinduja Global Solutions

The instructor was articulate and clarified all the doubts of the class

Kumud Singh, Hinduja Global Solutions

The course material and the illustration done by trainer is superb. He is very co-operative and practical while at training. The examples given by him often were classic

Amit Dawara, Hinduja Global Solutions

Trainer was soft spoken and welcoming. All queries were explained and sorted with ease and justification by him. Material are current/updated one

Harvinder Singh Jaiswal, Hinduja Global Solutions

Helped improve my knowledge and concepts