Certified Professional Forensic Analyst (CPFA™)


About The Course

The term cyber-crime no longer refers only to hackers and other external attackers. Almost all every case of financial fraud or employee misuse involves a very strong element of computer-based evidence. NII Consulting has been providing professional computer forensics, cyber breach investigation, incident detection and response services to clients for more than 5 years. It now brings together its consolidated expertise into a four-day hands-on training on Certified Professional Forensic Analyst (CPFA).The entire workshop is driven by hands-on exercises and case studies to ensure that all aspects have a real-life scenario-based approach.

Key Benefits of course

This program addresses the key questions of:

  • What should one do when there is a suspicion of a computer-based crime?
  • What tools and techniques are most likely to yield the right set of clues?
  • Demonstration with the worlds’ leading forensics tool – Encase

Who should attend this course?

  • Auditors and financial fraud examiners
  • Chief Security Officers and Chief Technology Officers
  • Professionals seeking a career in computer forensics and cyber crime investigations
  • Security and Network Administrators

Table of Contents

Module 1: Computer Crime – Case Studies Threat Scenarios
Module 2: Introduction to Incident Response and Computer Forensics
Module 3: Introduction to Network Forensics
Module 4: Evidence Collection and Analysis - Introduction to Live response
Module 4: Data Acquisition / Disk Imaging
Module 5: Forensics Analysis of the Evidence
Module 6: Forensics Analysis - Internet Misuse - Browser Forensics
Module 7: Digging Deep into the Cyber World - Email and Website Tracing
Module 8: Malicious Binary Analysis
Module 9: Documenting the Investigation
Module 10: Forensics Challenge Case Study
Module 11: A peek into the Indian Cyber Law
Module 12: Tools Used

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Manish Bhattarai, Deputy Controller

This training is very much relevant to my job of cyber forensics. Now, I can streamline & substantially increase the quality of cyber forensics investigation in my organization.

Narayan Lal Pakwon, Section Officer

This training is related training for our official objective. It is also helpful & easy to do my job in my office.

Marsh Miranda, Software Engineer, DST Worldwide

Dear Rutuja, Rashmi & Sanoop, Thank you for the support provided. The administration of this course is done very professionally and it shows how concerned each one of you are about the students welfare. This is something that I personally appreciate. Thanks. :-)