Certified Secure .NET Developer (CSDD™)


About The Course

The course will present security guidelines and considerations in .NET applications development. The participants will learn the basics of application security, how to enforce security on a .NET application, using .NET crypto API and other security related issues. In addition, the course presents an overview of .NET's Security Framework, including authentication and authorization implementation.

Objectives of the course

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the need for security
  • Understand the security threats
  • Implement code security best practices
  • Implement role based security
  • Improve security of ASP.NET Applications

Who should attend this course?

  • .NET developers wishing to improve their security skills

Table of Contents

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Threat Modeling
Session 3: Understanding Testing Setup
Session 4: Web Application Attacks & Countermeasures
Session 5: Web Application Scanners
Session 6: DOT NET Specific Countermeasures
Session 7: Web Server Security Best Practices (IIS)
Session 8: Database Security Best Practices (MS SQL Server)
Session 9: Secure Development Lifecycle
Session 10: Testing Web Services
Session 11: Source Code Analysis

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Shakti Ahmed Mavati

Excellent course and trainer explained very well

Aniket Anant Harer

Good training for software developer who aware about security

Jyoti Bhandari

It was a relevant training and benefit for safe web app development

Darshan D Joshi

Good course content & good for novoice developers.

Mrudual Ghagor

Training was interesting

Raushan Kumar


Ibrahim Mirza

Good course for the bignners in Corporates for sdecure coding

Akshay N Ajankar

Course was good and its helpful for our company

Amit Rana

Course helps developers to develope applications that are less hackable

Josana Sahare


Akshay Sharad Shingate

It is very much useful to resolve VAPT points in out applications.

Vivek Suryabhan Kasar

It was all good, cleverly helped understand each concept with adherence to the example which were self explanatory.

Nakul V Khatu

Good course

Rohit V Patil

Good course for developer to improve security.

Shweta Vasant Sherlekar

Was good experiance

Roshan Vijay Mehta

It is very useful for secure Applicaton development

Tushar Yuvaraj Gite


Nirav Parikh

Training was apt with latest content. Trainer was very knowledgeable and had help to solve our queries.

Tushar Thorat


Nairit Adhikary

Trainer was very interactive and have provided very simple examples to understand better.

Sunita More

Training was helpful for the development purpose . Got clearance how we can fix the issues related to security.

Ravindra Hirlekar

Course content coverage was good and trainer is also knowledgeable.

Saikrishna Sanka

Overall training was good,the instructor/ training faculty was good in solving the doubts raised with examples.

Moin Ansari

Overall good learning experience.

Sandra Rebells

Sessions were good & will help us to maintain security at code using different techniques including the one explained in training.

Nusrat Khan

Thanks Bhamini Shah for the training, it will benefit to us in future.

Swetha Narayan (Senior Software Engineer)

Prompt in his teachings with adequate knowledge in the areas of Secure Coding.

Abhineet Gosain (Sr. software Engineer)

Good work.

Ganesh Palani

Session was good. Vaibhav was able to show the scenarios in detail with various examples.

Satosh Kumar Mishra (QA)

Presentation is helpful in understanding

V. Venkatesh (Lead SSF)

Session was good. Vaibhav was able to explain the topics in depth and in simple terms.

JeyaKumar N. (Lead DB Engineer)

Training is extremely helpful in identifying injection issues across Web application and underlying databases.

Binu K (Senior Engineering Manager)

Vaibhav has lots of knowledge in OWASP-10 vulnerabilities, was going in depth for few vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, etc.

Dilip Janakeeram (QA Engineer)

Training topics covered was interesting and was able to corelate with own daily work.

Avalur Muthya (QA Engineer)

The trainer was very good, but the class would be more interactive.

Pooja Shetty (Senior QA Engineer)

Training was very much informative. Trainer had good knowledge on the area, he was able to answer/explain to use effectively.

Eknath Parkhe, Software Developer, GCO

Training is good. Mahesh take us deep into vulnerabilities like SQL injection. Cross site scripting, Direct data object etc.

Makarand Gharat, Operation Manager, GCO

Training is really good and Mahesh is very knowledgeable. We got very useful information and we will implement this knowledge in our application.

Prasad Thakur, Team Manager, GCO

Excellent knowledge and ability to store the same. Interacting session with all queries answered with detailing.

Sachidanand B Gaikwad, DBA, GCO

Training is very informative. Mahesh explained things very well. Material information provided by him is very useful. Will help to take security measurement in our application.

Girish Dhudhane, Post, AGS House

She is very dedicated towards work,knowledge and detail oriented. I would like to take this chance to Thank You for being such a remarkable trainer

Suyash Korde, AGS House

Shared good practices to be followed during ADLC and Practical examples were also explained

Keith D’souza, AGS House

It was a good training session although if proper scheduling with topic types would have been better

Chand Babu Shaikh, AGS House

Informative knowledge material and trainer was good

Diksha Walunj, AGS House

She was interactive. Able to give more information related to topics. She was trying to solve our queries

Indrani Maiti, AGS House

Informative Knowledge material and trainer was good

Sandeep Pawar, AGS House

Much needed training

Yadnya Nar, AGS House

Training was good relatable topics. Overall very good training by very good trainer