Certified Secure Java Developer (CSJD™)

About The Course

The course will present security guidelines and considerations in Java Web Applications Development. The participants will learn the basics of application security, how to enforce security on a J2EE application, enabling standard J2EE security mechanisms and more importantly why to implement security. The course revolves around testing and fixing of issues filed under OWASP TOP 10.

Objectives of the course

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the need for security
  • Understand the security threats
  • Design and develop secured J2EE applications
  • Design & develop application using ESAPI ( Enterprise Security API by OWASP)

Who should attend this course?

  • Java developers wishing to improve their security skills
  • Development & System Architects wishing to improve their security skills and awareness

Table of Contents

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Threat Modeling
Session 3: Understanding Testing Setup
Session 4: Web Application Attacks & Countermeasures
Session 5: Web Application Scanners
Session 6: Security Frameworks
Session 7: Java Specific Countermeasures
Session 8: Web Server Security Best Practices (Apache)
Session 9: Database Security Best Practices (Oracle Server)
Session 10: Secure Development Lifecycle
Session 11: Testing Web Services
Session 12: Source Code Analysis

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Bhulaxmi Gannamani(Associate Quality Analyst)

Jeet is Good

Aniruddha Biswas (Software Engineer)

Jeet to start securing and to do basic validation, the testimonials including PPT is good

A.Durga Sai kumar(Software Developer)

Jeet aside Pseudo code for mitigations. He shown attack patterns where possible.

D.M.Naveen(Q A Engineer

Jeet is very attentive and answerable to lot of doubts and questions

Narendra Laxman Pitale, A.O., LIC

Faculty is very good trainer with good ordinary skill. Has in depth knowledge and can deliver knowledge easily. The course met its objective.

Sweta Yadav, AO IT, LIC

Good knowledge and presentation. Yes by giving introduction to security threats and tools and techniques to avoid hacking. Yes, by expending the duration of course and selecting single topic.

Venu S., LIC

Yes it was relevant to the work.

Vimalesh Kumar, Admin Officer, LIC

Faculty was excellent and had in-depth knowledge about the matter. The objective has met to a certain extent. The quality of the course is improved by more hands on sessions.