Secured Cloud Computing Practitioner (SCCP)

Cloud Computing Security

About The Course

Cloud computing is the use of hardware and software resources that are delivered as a service typically over the Internet. It entrusts remote services with user's data, software and computation.

Although there are numerous business advantages and opportunities offered by cloud computing in terms of improved availability, scalability, flexibility etc., it is important to tap its business potential carefully. Securing the client data in the "cloud" must be the prime concern for the cloud service provider. Legal concerns over jurisdiction of client data in “cloud” needs to be addressed properly. This is because the stored data may not reside with service provider in its own data center or at a single location.

In this Course, we are going to learn about common cloud misconfigurations, how to perform a risk assessment and verify compliance for various Cloud Services. Further, we will delve deeper into identifying security risks in these cloud services and to implement best practices to mitigate the common cloud misconfigurations. Also, we will jumpstart into the compliance aspect based on well known standards like NIST, OWASP, Cloud Security Alliance etc, along with their automations.

Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners
  • Cloud Solutions Providers, Senior Managers
  • Security Automation Team
  • DevSecOps & Devops Team
  • Aws & Azure Professionals
  • Developers
  • Compliance team
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Security Enthusiasts

Table of Contents

Session-1 Cloud Introduction
Session-2 Cloud Migration Challenges
Session-3 Cloud Infrastructure Security
  • Cloud Configuration & Patch Management
  • Cloud Change management
  • Cloud Infrastructure Audit (Intro, Audit, Best Practice)
    • Aws – VPC, EC2
    • Azure - ARM, NSG
  • Demo- Aws cli & powershell & Amazon, Azure portal
Session-4 Cloud Data Security
Session-5 Identity and Access Management
Session-6 Cloud Application Security
Session-7 Cloud Compliance, Policy, Governance
Session-8 Cloud Incident Response & Intrusion Detection & BCP/DR

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Abhinav Varutra

Very informative, really made me think about possible scenarios, particularly in the workplace” Rebecca Campbell, Surrey and Sussex Probation Trust, Assertiveness and Managing Conflict

Uday Varutra

It is Like bigbang theory

Shreeya Varutra

Jeet is an enthusiastic trainer and encourages you to learn more

Prashati Varutra

Creative, able to deliver the content in good way

Bhushan Jeevan Rane, Assistant Manager – SHCIL

Faculty has a good trainers. Yes, the course met its objective.

Mukesh Lokre, Information Security Analyst – Travelex

Faculty has delivered the content clearly. He has a good subject knowledge.

Chinmay Dhawale, Information Security Analyst – Travelex

Very impressive, knowledgeable, technically sound & skilled trainers.

Shital Ranadive, Info Security Analyst – IDBI Intech Ltdt

Faculty is good & has explained the topics very well.