Crisis Management and Simulation Workshop


Course description:

Based on the latest Crisis Management standard BS 11200:2014, the 1-day Crisis Management Workshop covers all stages of the Crisis Management lifecycle. Training methodologies include classroom training, individual/group exercises, and case studies. At the same time, videos and group discussions, knowledge checks and quizzes are made use of in order to enhance the participant learning experience and exam preparation.

The strength of the workshop is a fast paced Crisis Simulation where the participants are made to play different roles and they put in practice the concepts that they have just learnt.


S. Seshadri,

S Seshadri, AFBCI, CBCP, CRISC, LA – ISO 22301/27001/20000/9001


Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding and defining crisis and its various types
  • Crisis management and its relationship with incident management & emergency response
  • Appreciate the composition and attributes of the standard – BS 11200:2014
  • Societal Security aspects of crisis management and the role of civic authorities
  • Recommended ways of overcoming crises
  • 5 stage crisis management process
  • Crisis management planning and model
  • Crisis leadership, its role and competences
  • Crisis management team composition and responsibilities
  • Crisis communication and the role of apology in crisis communication
  • Social media and crisis management

Who should attend:

  • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Emergency Management, and Crisis Management practitioners or responders
  • Auditors wanting to gain an in-depth understanding of Crisis management
  • Professionals from IT DR or BCM-related domains such as Crisis and Risk
  • Corporate Executives, Directors, and staff from IT/MIS, Environment Health & Safety, Risk Management, Public Relations, Human Resources, and Security

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