Cyber Security Training for HealthCare IT Professionals


Course Overview:

Acquire Healthcare-Specific Skills: Enhance skills in critical areas such as network, operating system, database, and web application security, with a focus on healthcare IT requisites.

Deepen Cybersecurity Knowledge: Dive into advanced cybersecurity principles, focusing on healthcare-specific threat landscapes, risk assessments, and security frameworks. Develop Specialized Skills: Acquire specialized skills in network security, operating system security, database security, and web application security, customized to meet the unique requirements of healthcare IT systems.

Master Regulatory Compliance: Understand and navigate complex regulatory frameworks such as HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST, and other pertinent regulations governing data protection in healthcare.

Ensure Business Continuity: Learn strategies for business continuity management (BCM) to ensure uninterrupted healthcare service delivery in the face of cybersecurity incidents or disruptions.

Adopt Cutting-Edge Practices: Implement industry-leading best practices for information technology infrastructure management (ITIL), CSA Star compliance, and innovative AI-driven security solutions tailored for healthcare environments.

Combat Emerging Threats: Learn how to prevent and mitigate the impact of ransomware attacks and ensure the security of medical devices connected to IoT networks.

Course Structure:

This five-day intensive program includes morning and evening sessions, offering a blend of lectures, practical workshops, case studies, and interactive discussions led by industry experts with deep experience in both cybersecurity and healthcare IT.

Who Should Attend:

This course is ideal for Health Care IT Professionals responsible for safeguarding sensitive healthcare data and ensuring the security and integrity of healthcare IT systems. This includes IT managers, system administrators, security analysts, and compliance officers.

Table of Contents

Day 1 - Morning Session
Day 1 - Evening Session
Day 2 - Morning Session
Day 2 - Evening Session
Day 3 - Morning Session
Day 3 - Evening Session
Day 4 - Morning Session
Day 4 - Evening Session
Day 5 - Morning Session
Day 5 - Evening Session

As the healthcare industry increasingly integrates digital solutions, the demand for proficient cybersecurity professionals escalates. This training will empower you with the essential tools and knowledge to address cybersecurity challenges in healthcare, ensuring the safety of patient data and the resilience of healthcare infrastructures.

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