Database Security Certification

Databse Security

About the course

Computer networks are built to support business functionality and beyond communication the result of business is data. The data important to your business is your company's digital assets; it needs organization, maintenance and above all protection from malicious attackers. The modern corporate enterprise contains database solutions used to take care of data. Ensuring that this data doesn’t get into the hands of unauthorized employees, means that you need to recognize and secure it from this threat. The evolution of security training has shown us that the most effective way to learn about security is by learning from the people that know how to attack your systems. By understanding the threat from the attacker's perspective, you can develop effective assessment methodologies and ultimately secure what really matters from ever increasing threat.

Why should you attend this course?

Upon completing this course, delegates should be able to understand:

  • The fundamental concepts behind database systems
  • Key components within a database deployment
  • The integration of databases into business solutions
  • The process of thorough database assessment, including tools and methodologies
  • Techniques used by hackers to exploit database flaws and vulnerabilities
  • Practical assessment and attack vector considerations, through hands-on experience

Who should attend this course?

Internal security teams, database administrators and security consultants concerned with the insecurity of database systems, the exposure they have to network and data compromises, and assessment techniques used to close security holes.

Table of Contents


Section 1: Oracle Security Implementation
Session 2: Securing the operating system
Session 3: General Information Gathering
Session 4: Users and Profile
Session 5: Security and Developer tools
Session 6: Secure Network Communications
Session 7: Miscellaneous security aspects
Session 8: Backups and disaster recovery tools
Session 9: Oracle 11g

SQL Server 2008

Section 10: Securing server with safe installation
Session 11: General SQL security


Session 12: Database security
Session 13: User Security
Session 14 : Roles and Privileges
Session 15: Built-in Auditing – TRACE


  • OSScanner
  • Tnscmd
  • Sidguess
  • ADS
  • Checkpassword
  • Scuba

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Mohammed Harbi,student

I liked the instructor way for more illustration and the class was very interesting.

Yazeed, Senior Analyst

One of the best instructor, I have ever met.

Ali Al-Qahtani,

Thank you faculty. He has really gave us an excellent course by covering the material well.

Moataz Allami

Faculty is very knowledgeable instructor, enthusiastic and helpful.