Devops Security


Objectives of the course

This training focuses on Embedding security into the DevOps processes is referred to as DevSecOps.While DevOps addresses the business need of rapidly delivering products and release code in order to satisfy customer demands, it is important that security must work in tandem with Agile and DevOps processes.

In traditional development methods, security is kept at the very end of the release process.

Hence, security has been viewed as a bottleneck to the rapid development methodologies such as Agile along with the software delivery pipeline.

This results in a major contention and distrust between development and security teams unless they work in tandem.

Just as DevOps addresses the traditional silos between Development and Operations, DevSecOps seeks to address the silos between Dev, Ops and Security teams. Automated application security further facilitates reducing friction and removing bottlenecks in the CI/CD cycle.

In this course,we will be learning how devsecops is implemented in a company by using various programming languages and open source tools.It will be helpful to jumpstart in understanding or exposure to various security automation possibilities which can be integrated in devops related to application,infrastructure security.

Who Should attend:

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners
  • Cloud Solutions Providers, Senior Managers
  • Security Automation Team
  • DevSecOps & Devops Team
  • Aws & Azure Professionals
  • Developers
  • Compliance team
  • Risk Management Professionals
  • Security Enthusiasts

Course Duration

3 Days

Table of Contents

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Module 5
Module 6
Module 7

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Abdulaziz Alanmed , Aramco

Faculty is outstanding instructor who simplified this course into an interactive course.

Azam Al Fayor, Personnal Department, Aramco

Faculty is great, knowledgeable, approachable instructor. I enjoyed & learnt a lot from the course & from him. My only suggestion is to give the course structure (i:e break time & time –table) before hands.

Sultan Almutairi, Aramco

Faculty has well established his credibility by showing real cases, that demonstrated his great knowledge

Joseph Chacko, Analyst Programmer- IndusInd bank

It is very good experience to learn Web Security and the teacher is very Technically sound and the classes are very good.