Enterprise Threat Hunting

Digital Forensics

About The Course

With attackers rapidly evolving their techniques when attacking enterprises, the SOC team usually falls back in the detection curve. This is mostly due to technology limitations, software licenses and most importantly restricted mindset.

For defenders to become more relevant in disrupting the kill-chain, it is imperative that they also rapidly evolve their detection strategies.

No longer are static rule-based detections or simple keyword searches going to help SOC teams to identify advance threats in their environments.

A more proactive approach is the need of the hour. Threat Hunting strategies helps teams take the attackers head-on to detect their presence in the network before they can act on their objectives.

Who should attend this course?

The hands-on training is specifically designed for SOC analysts and enthusiasts of Threat Hunting. SOC Managers would also benefit from understanding multiple tools/technologies during the training and which can then be introduced in their own teams.


3 days including extensive demos and hands-on


  • Familiarity with Windows (CMD/PowerShell) and Linux (Bash) CLI
  • Understanding of popular attack vectors over internet and intranet
  • A basic background in SOC operations would be helpful in understanding and building hunting use-cases

Lab Requirements

  • Laptop with minimum 8 GB RAM (Windows OS with Linux in VM or vice-versa)
  • Local Administrator access on both operating systems

Table of Contents

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

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Manish Bhattarai, Deputy Controller

This training is very much relevant to my job of cyber forensics. Now, I can streamline & substantially increase the quality of cyber forensics investigation in my organization.

Narayan Lal Pakwon, Section Officer

This training is related training for our official objective. It is also helpful & easy to do my job in my office.

Marsh Miranda, Software Engineer, DST Worldwide

Dear Rutuja, Rashmi & Sanoop, Thank you for the support provided. The administration of this course is done very professionally and it shows how concerned each one of you are about the students welfare. This is something that I personally appreciate. Thanks. :-)