Incident Response

Incident Response

Highlights of this Course

Breaches such as at Uber, Equifax, Target, and others have been very illustrative in terms of the ways in which organizations have handled responding to such incidents.

From senior executives reportedly selling their stock prior to the news becoming public, to customers being sent to spoofed websites for learning more about the breach.

This talk covers the mistakes made by organizations in responding to breaches and provides suggestions on how organizations should prepare before a breach and then how best to respond in case a breach does occur.

Table of Contents

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Attacks Against Web & SSH Servers
Module 3: Advanced Persistent Threats
  • This module dives straight into an advanced threat detected within your organization. You are given the symptoms of the attack, and then are required to investigate the incident using an actual network setup for this purpose. You are provided with logs that you request based on the hypothesis you are building along with access to endpoints for live forensics.
  • Tools/Technologies covered: Web proxy logs, Active Directory, Windows endpoint, anti-virus, Sysinternals Suite etc.
Module 4: Data Leakage
Module 5: Ransomware Infection
Module 6: Payment System Compromised
Module 7: Wrap-Up & Lessons Learnt

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Shahnawaz Maniyar, Software AG

The training was conducted by highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals and the coverage was in depth covering all the aspects of IRH. The hands on part was very interesting and the drill was also helpful.

Tharagilamata Manjunatha

It was very knowledgeable training by taking the examples of real time use cases.

Ajay Dhage

We thoroughly enjoyed the session. The trainers were very knowledgeable, interactive, and highly motivated. We appreciate the good work you guys do.

Saran Govindarajan

The use case based approach for training worked out wonderfully. I was able to connect to the concept very clearly. The whole structure of the training is good enough for a beginner to reach level 1 in quick time. You have that aura to keep peoples attention glued to you and your thought on Red Team activity,Just Amazing!

You explained concepts very well…. Your technical excellence is evident in all areas you touched. Your energy levels all throughout and answering questions patiently are your biggest assets.

Your intro to Red Team is the killer. Your passion and your involvement is evidently seen. No doubt, the concepts you pulled on AWS was very helpful and an eye opener.

Haitham Al Eissa

It has been both an honor and a privilege for me to be within IIS institute course, the CISC. It's an extraordinary place but of course it's only that extraordinary because all of you have made it what it is. I've enjoyed every second I've been here, I was fortunate enough to start the base knowledge of InfoSec among quality instructors who do everything wholeheartedly and they're the best at what they do, they have some real talents and are showing a strong sense of togetherness under the excellent management and administration team of you. This institute has a magnificent heritage and I have nothing but respect and admiration for the values that make exercising this field of knowledge so exceptional. I would like to thank everyone connected.

Rohit Kumar

Notes, Study Materials and Books provided were very helpful, The course syllabus is comprehensive, the faculty teaching methods excellent