Reverse Engineering Malware

Reverse Engineering Malware

About the Course:

This course introduces the concept of malware, how they function, their types and how they are extensively used in Advanced Persistent attacks (APT's) to siphon off the critical business information from an organization on regular basis. We start off with the concepts of Assembly language, PE Header, disassembling v/s debugging with advanced debugging features. We also perform RE to analyze an application dissecting it to the level where malware code is present.

We provide practice malware lab setup consisting of virtual machines and sandbox environment. We use debuggers such as IDA and Ollydbg, disassemblers and various monitoring tools to perform analysis to track the movement of the malware across the virtual network. We will also delve deep into advanced techniques such as analyzing shellcodes, powershell malwares, malicious documents and anti-virus evasion and so on. Further we take a peek at different anti-reversing, anti emulation and anti debugging techniques used by advanced malwares

Duration: 5 Days

Who Should attend this course:

Any individual looking forward to understand Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

Table of Contents

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2: Assembly Language
Session 3: Reverse Engineering Executable
  • Concept of PE
  • Understanding PE Header
  • Disassembling v/s Debugging
  • Introduction to Debuggers and Disassembler
  • Setting Breakpoints
  • Debugging an Application
  • Reversing Malware (Disassembling/Debugging)
Session 4: Malware Analysis
Session 5: Advanced Analysis
Session 6: Understanding AV Evasion
Session 7: Introduction to Packers and Protector
Session 8: Anti Debugging & Anti Emulation Techniques

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Bhushan Jeevan Rane, Assistant Manager – SHCIL

Faculty has a good trainers. Yes, the course met its objective.

Mukesh Lokre, Information Security Analyst – Travelex

Faculty has delivered the content clearly. He has a good subject knowledge.

Chinmay Dhawale, Information Security Analyst – Travelex

Very impressive, knowledgeable, technically sound & skilled trainers.

Shital Ranadive, Info Security Analyst – IDBI Intech Ltdt

Faculty is good & has explained the topics very well.