PURPOSE To define the Standard Procedures and Guidelines that governs and promotes the efficient use of the Digital Learning Platform (DLP) and ensures compliance with the policies of Institute of Information Security, which is a registered trademark of CyberExcellence Academy Private Limited (CAPL).


The following definitions apply to terms as they are used in this document.

Digital Learning Platform (DLP)”: a flexible, web-based program for teaching and learning used as a delivery mechanism for online & blended

“Website”: the website (Institute of Information Security) this includes & their sub-domains, and others which will be added in future.

“Course Content” This includes but not limited to all the course material made available to the participant and includes videos, instructor led sessions, presentations, documents, books, assignments, tests, quizzes, exams, lab sessions etc

“Users”: Any person provided with the login credentials to the Digital Learning Platform.



These Standard Processes and Guidelines apply to all Users of the DLP.

Rights and Obligations of the User

  • User is expressly prohibited: any copying, reproduction, republication, transfer, storage, processing, transmission, distribution, sale, issuance, execution, download, translation or modification of the course content
  • User is expressly prohibited: communication, dissemination or any other use of the course content of the Website in any manner or means, for commercial or other purposes whatsoever, in part or in summary form
  • User must abstain from any unlawful, inappropriate and abusive use of the content and the services provided on this Website at all times, in accordance with the existing legislation, and respect the intellectual property rights of CAPL,
  • Users must not carry out any action via the services made available to them by and their sub-domains which will cause damage to or alteration of the Website’s content or hinder the correct functioning of the same.
  • Users must not cause any technical problems of any type, transfer elements likely to carry computer virus or which may totally or partially damage, interfere with or intercept this WEBSITE or property of others.
  • Users must not use the web site for business, advertising, self-promotion or promotion of third parties without the express written permission of CAPL.
  • Users are solely responsiblefor their username and password. Login information is individual and non-transferable. If Users account is lost, forgotten or has been modified or stolen he should contact us as soon as possible so we can take the necessary actions.
  • Users must not share in any way any of the “solutions” to the “machines” or "challenges" included in the WEBSITE
  • Users are liable for any expenses (any cost caused by the behaviour of the User and which would otherwise not occur) or damages they may incur through inappropriate use or non-compliance with these terms and conditions of use.
  • Users must not run any scan on the website


All goodwill generated from the use of any Intellectual Property shall inure to benefit. reserves the right to seek all remedies available for any violation of these terms and conditions.

Any other trademarks, badges, product names, company names, graphics and logos registered trademarks and intellectual property rights of third parties that appear on this WEBSITE are the property of their respective owners and within their sphere of responsibility.

For any question relating to the reproduction rights of any part of the WEBSITE & Forum, as well as for applications for authorization regarding reproduction of content, please contact us under